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Germany-Brandenburg-Ansbach: 1620 Joachim Ernst Thaler Large facing bust dividing date rev Oval arms KM-11, Dav-6227. Small obv marks gVF. Western Australian Museum Certificate no 10654 & permit to sell. This state unlisted in Doits To Ducatons, unique from this wreck. Very rare.
 SOLD at A$2200
Germany-Brunswick-Luneburg-Celle: 1624 Christian Thaler. Bust right rev Helmeted arms. KM-9.17, Dav 6456. VF Rare. West Australian Museum Certificate no.10662 with sale permit.
 AVAILABLE at A$2200
Germany-Cologne: 16(?) date eroded c1620 Thaler Arms supported by a lion & griffin rev Crowned double eagle with orb on breast, titles of Ferdinand II. F, seawater corr. KM-325, Dav-5163/6 cat VG. US$1150+ for non-wreck coin. Western Australian Museum Certificate no 10679 & permit to sell. This city only represented by 1 coin from this wreck. Very rare..
 AVAILABLE at A$2000
Germany-Hanau-Munzenberg: 1623 Thaler. Crowned ornate arms rev. Crowned double eagle with orb on breast. KM-52.2, Dav 6688. VG. Rare. West Australian Museum Certificate no.10716 with sale permit.
 AVAILABLE at A$1200
Germany-Mansfield-Friedberg: (15)93 Peter-Ernest I, Bruno II, Gebhard VIII & Johann-Georg IV ½ Thaler Helmeted arms with ½ date between rev St George & dragon to right see Dav-9510 for Thaler. Seawater corrosion, aVF. With Western Australia certificate No.10771 & sale permit. No coins of this type recorded from the wreck & only 2 other ½ Thalers from this State listed in Doits & Ducatons. Very rare..
 AVAILABLE at A$2500
Netherlands-Zeeland: (16)19 ½ Daalder (Rijks). Laureate ½ length figure right holding sword, rev Crowned arms dividing date. KM-25. Water worn, G/VG. All ½d Daalders are RARE. Very rare, only 7 of this type recovered. 84% of all coins recovered are in WA museum control. West Australian Museum Certificate no 12042 with sale permit.
 SOLD at A$950
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