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Australian Territories MUH collection hagners & 2 springback albums with AAT 1957-2001 M inc 1966 Defs to $1, 1996 CAPEX opt M/sheet & other decimal Pics (FV $60), Christmas Is 1958-2003 (FV $300) inc 1958 QEII to $1 MLH, 1978 QEII Jubilee M/sheet, forme of 4 M/S & assorted Lunar New Year M/S, plus odd exhibition opt & 1958-86 collection in blue album. Cocos Is 1963-2000 (FV $300) inc 1989-90 opt/surcharge set of 8 to $5 inc Official Paid CTO (retail $375). 1989 World Expo ($95) & Stamp Show Melbourne ($60) & Taipei 93 (5, retail $375) M/sheets, plus 10 June 1963 'Last Day of Australian Postage Stamps' Registered cover (only 24 recorded) franked Games 2/3 (underpaid) & Taxed 4d with 2d Queen (2) used as Postage Dues (retail $150). Also Australia 1980s FDC collection (50) MUH 'P' sheetlets (FV $165). Fresh MUH, mentioned sets etc retail $1200, another $825 FV, total over $2000.SOLD at A$300
British Commonwealth Collections in 3 Springback binders & s/book. Inc Canada 1898-1979 inc 1935 Pics, 1937-38 Pics G-FU, 1942 War Effort defins, 1946 Peace set, 1942-48 Coil (some in prs) M/MLH, later sets, singles & booklets mostly MUH. Great Britain 1964-1973 collection mainly commems in plate blks of 6 generally MUH. 1937 Coronation Omnibus collection with 174 of 202 stamps & some others. Some mixed condition but mostly VF. SG cat £1000+ = A$1900+. (2700+)AVAILABLE at A$150

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Ships: Collection in album with Passenger lines (60) mostly Edwardian Era & nearly all in colour with good variety throughout. 1930s Orion set of 10, real photos (plus env) with 9 interior views, plus orient line advertising card. Other Civilian Maritime cards (8) inc ship-board scenes (3), 'Tientsin-The-Bund' multi ship card. English Warships (4), plus 1970s/80s (?) P/R real photo cards (17) with HMS Belfast (11) & other ships & crests (6), British Warship photographs (42) inc Admiralty P/R types with specification on rev. USA Warships/Paddle steamers (7) & other oddments inc RN Fisher Jetcraft (2) & Victoria 1908 USA Fleet Visit 1½d QV Pictorial card VF UN. Overall diverse collection. Mixed postally U, VF-fresh UN. (174)AVAILABLE at A$450

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2½d Blue right pane UL cnr blk of 4. VF fresh MUH. SG 36 cat £87 for M, should be at least double, £174 MUH. ACSC 11A $400 (P)AVAILABLE at A$100

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1861 QV Coin 1/- black, Perkins Bacon original Die PROOF, on India paper on card. Superb fresh UN as made. SG 174(p). This is an original Die proof of final design, printed in London from the die which was then used to prepare the printing plate supplied to New South Wales for printing of the stamps in Sydney. Extremely rare with only several recorded. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2500

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1926 Railway Parcel set 10c-3Fr. VF fresh M. Maury P42-45 cat €165. Yv P77-80 cat €174. (4). (P)AVAILABLE at A$70

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1880 '10' opt QV 30c claret, opt SG type C. VFU, octagonal 'B174' pmk. SG 35 cat £130. (P)AVAILABLE at A$70

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1909-23 Pictorial 16c black & blue colour Trial Proof with 'Waterlow & Sons Ltd Specimen' 25 degree opt & sm security punch, sheetlet of 9. VF fresh UN as made. SG 174(p). Rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1928 'Postage & Revenue' opt KGV Pictorial set ¼d to 10/-, opt SPECIMEN. VF fresh MUH. SG 174-92s cat £425 for M, should be at least double, £850 MUH. (19) (P)SOLD at A$750

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1864-71 QV Chalon 4d deep rose, wmk Large Star, perf 12½. F-VF U, barred numeral pmk. SG 119 cat £250, CP 174a cat NZ$850. (P)AVAILABLE at A$140