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Kiloware 1990s-2015(?) 40c-70c Pics/Commems on close clip single paper. Weight 8.9kg. Offered on behalf of Mary McKillop International Mission.SOLD at A$525

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Covers-World 1839-2015 Postal History with earlies inc France 1839, 1846 & 1853 folded letters, Italy 1816-17, '39 & 1843, 1850s-60 Yugoslav area (10), 1860? Hannover 1gr, France 1863-64-65 franked 40c, then 1900-40 (only 30), strong post WWII inc Austria (100+), Germany East, West & United (180), plus Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, & Turkey. Also some Middle East with Aden, Bahrain, Dubai, Egypt, Iran (3), Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, plus UAE 1980s Parcel Despatch Notes (5) with multiple stamps affixed. (480).AVAILABLE at A$375

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Great Britain: 1810-1990s cover & cards etc inc pre-adhesive period folded letters or wrappers (18), QV 1d brown imperfs (2), & perf plates (6), then post 1900 inc early PPC (27), general covers/cards to 1990s inc Machins (60) & others. Then stamps with s/book of Machins (1000) inc mixed value prs, strips, blks, panes etc 1d brown plates (70), other QV-KGV (500), KGVI & QEII (100+), & finally plastic bag of QV-KGV low values (430gr=10,000). (12,000 stamps, 200 covers).SOLD at A$425

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Papua New Guinea Bulk lot of 2007 Personalised stamps. 3.35K Orchid with 'Woodlark Island Cuscus' tab sheet of 20 (48 sheets, FV 3216K. 5.35 Orchid with 'Orchids of PNG' tab sheet of 20 (17 sheets FV 1819K). Total FV 5035K = A$2150. (65 sheetlets).SOLD at A$130

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Sweden & Norway: 1855-1900s accumulation of 19th Cent issues. Sweden 1855-58 Arms to 4s. 1858-72 Arms New Currency to 50o, plus shades. 1862-72 Lion 3o, 17o & 20o. 1872-91 Numeral & King to 1R inc shades & printings. 1891-1911 King & Numeral to 1K. Officials 1874-98 Arms to 1Kr. Postage Dues 1874-89 Numeral to 1Kr. Local Posts 1880s-90s inc Goteborg 5o triangle, plus 10o Surch & King 1o, 2o & 3o. Malmo Arms, small type set to 5o & large type to 75o. Stockholm range of diff to 10o. Norway 1856-60 King to 8Sk. 1817-68 Arms to 8Sk. 1871-75 Posthorn to 7Sk. 1877-93 Posthorn, New Currency to 6o, plus printings. Postage Dues 1889-1915 to 5o. Local Posts 1865-1900 inc Arardals, Aalesund, Christiansund, Mandal, Spitsbergen, Tromso & Trondheim. Mostly G-VF M/U, mixed in parts. SG cat £9000+ = A$10,000+. (2300+)AVAILABLE at A$350

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Johore: 1896-99 Sultan 1c-$3. VF fresh M. SG 39-51 cat £181. (13). (P)SOLD at A$90

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1855-60 King Oscar I 2Sk deep brown-orange. VF U, numeral '181 of Lillehammer. SG 5 cat £225. (P)SOLD at A$110

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1875 Taylor 5c blue. VF fresh UN. Sc 179 cat US$700. SG 181 cat £750. (P)SOLD at A$200

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Perf errors selection with 1908 Washington 3c violet right marginal w irregular margin perfs due to paper fold (SG 340), 1940 National Defence 1c & 3c horiz prs imperf between with blind perfs (SG 896 & 98), 1980 Violins 3.5c coil pr misplaced perfs, 1981 Mason 18c & 1985 Lewis 14c coil prs imperf between then horiz imperf prs with 1978 Flag 15c, 1981 Flag 18c 'from sea to shining sea' (2 prs), 1981 Christmas horiz pr imperf horiz only (Sc 1939b with copy of PF/NY photo cert) (2 prs) & 1986 Bread Wagon 25c miscut pr. VF M/MUH/UN. Sc 899, 901, 1813, 1856, 1858, 1618, 1891, 1895, 1939 & 2136 cat US$1130+ for those listed, plus all the unlisted items. Interesting starter collection for USA perf errors. (12 prs + 2). (P)AVAILABLE at A$200