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New Zealand: The Postage Stamps of, Vol 6, pub RPSNZ 1973, 438pgs with additional info to compliment earlier editions inc detail on QV Chalons, Proofs & especially for the 1960 Pictorials. DJ s damaged, ding on rear cover, o/w near new.AVAILABLE at A$80

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2010 Melbourne Cup $2.40 M/Sheet IMPERF printer's ½ sheet of 9 M/S, right pane with uncut wide margins with marginal markings, colour bars etc. No.90 of only 500 issued. SG MS3514(var). VF fresh MUH. Retail $438 as 9 M/S.AVAILABLE at A$100

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1933 Centenary 10/- black & chestnut Arms. VF fresh MLH. SG 137 cat £850. Only 3438 issued. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1930 Zeppelin Sth America flight 2RM, wmk vertical, variety 'moon over Zeppelin'. VF fresh MUH, with pristine never hinged original gum. SG 456a(var). Mi 438YI cat €3000++, plus premium for positional marginal should be +50% = €4500. Very rare variety & almost never seen in such fresh MUH condition. 2016 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1700

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Estonia: 1918 Dorpat Provisional opt on Russia 20pf/10k both shades blue & light blue & 40pf/20k. VF fresh MUH. SG 1, 1a & 2 cat £438 for M, should be at least double, £876 MUH, Mi 1a, 1b & 2 cat €1160. Exp Vossen & Dr Bohne AIEP. (3). (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1929 KGV PUC £1 black. Superb fresh MUH, pristine never hinged original gum. SG 438 cat £750 for M, should be at least double, £1500 MUH. (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1922-37 KGV Ship set ½d to 10/-, wmk script, plus ½d shade. VF fresh M/MLH. SG 97-112 cat £438. (16). (P)SOLD at A$300