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6d Dansco Supreme Album with Coins in Gold lettering on the spine with 6 Dansco Supreme pages for 6d. (6 pages, 1 album). Retail $130.AVAILABLE at A$70
1/- 1941-63 Collection comp (ex 1943, 46 dot) in Dansco Supreme (see both sides) album (retail $65). KGVI 1942S, 44, 48 EF, 41, 46 aU others UNC. QEII 62 aEF, 59, 61 EF, 57 aU others UNC-Choice UNC. McD cat approx $1300 plus the album (21).SOLD at A$400
1c & 2c x 2 1966-91 comp (ex 2c 1990) in Dansco Supreme (see both sides) album (retail $65ea). All UNC, mostly BU. 2 Collections. McD cat $564 & $130 for albums = $694. (102 coins, 2 albums)AVAILABLE at A$240
Great Britain Accumulation: 806-841 AE Sceat Eahred, Edward I 1272-1307 AR 1d one holed. Cut Farthings c1200+ (3) 1835 1/3 Farthing. ½d 1880, 1937 to 56 coll'n comp in album. ½d 1902. 1d Cartwheel with flts (3), 2d with faults (2) Silver 3d to 2/6 (13). 5/- 1819 ex mount, 1935, gilt 1887 1/- enamelled in 4 colours. Tokens AE (6). Silver 1811 1/- Newark, 1811 3/- Bank Token flts. Medallions inc 1924 British Empire Exhibition (4), ors (4). Album 1ds 1902-1936 (36). (Lot).SOLD at A$220
World accumulation in album inc GB, Germany, USA, European sets to 5Fr, 5DM etc, New Zealand, Australia 1966 50c (2) others inc commems (57). Page ½d & 1d 1912-63, page 3d 1911-63 (52). 100 Years of ANZAC 1914-18 20c coins on cards (13 diff). Wooden box ½d & 1d described in 2x2s (cleaned) approx 130 inc 1915 (3), 18 (2). Plus various World Proof singles ex sets approx 40 & coin collection of Indochine-Annan Vietnam in tourist-style folder. (Approx 700)SOLD at A$210

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1896M QV Old head aEF/EF. McD cat EF $1300. (P)SOLD at A$500

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1891M QV Jubilee head. McD-183a. Fully lustrous UNC. McD cat $1100, Ren cat $1300. (P)AVAILABLE at A$750

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1911 - Red-brown Choice UNC. MCD cat $1300 (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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1911 - Obv near full orange, rev superb full orange colour, Choice UNC. McD cat $1300. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1911 - Red & brown Choice UNC/UNC. McD cat UNC $600, Choice $1300 (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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Ilkhans: AH694-703, 1295-1304AD Mahmud Ghazan I AV Dinar, 4.23g. Tabriz mint, ND. VF. Album 2167. (P)SOLD at A$275

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1909 Indian Head $10. Lustrous EF. KM-130 (P)SOLD at A$1000

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The Tartar Dynasties-State of Qi (1130-37AD) Liu Yu 5 Cash Fu Chang Zhong Bao. Regular Script VF H-18.80 Rare. Ex Goldberg Auction 104, lot 3800. Very rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$3500

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Naples: 1309-43 Robert d'Anjou AR Gigliato obv: King stg facing holding, rev: Floral cross. Lis in fields sl striking weakness & obv partially double struck. VF (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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2001 $500 Centenary of the Death of Queen Victoria, Proof. .999 Silver 3kg, 130mm dia. In its case of issue with certificate. Only 500 minted, this number 50. Very scarce. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2800

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2002 100,000 Kwacha. Death of Queen Mother memorial coin. Impressive 130mm dia with gold plated image of QM. KM-296 .999 silver 3.00kg. In capsule & bag of issue. Very scarce. (P)SOLD at A$2500

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5000 Yen ND (2001). P-101c. UNC. TBB cat US$130.SOLD at A$120

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Cappadocian Kingdom in the name of Antiochos VII 13/8-129BC AR Tetradrachm 16.4g Antioch ca 130-80BC. Head of Antiochos VII right, rev Athena standing left holding Nike. gVF. S-7091, Houghton 642ff. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Maximian 286-305AD AR Argenteus Trier 295-7AD (3.1g). Laureate head right rev. The 4 tetrarchs sacrificing over tripod altar with military camp in the background cf S-13098, RIC109b, sm scrape gVF, rare. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1926-33 British Empire Union medals. Draped bust of the Prince of Wales left, rev antique galley seen through the archway of a stone bridge above radiate sun. All dated 24 May with following years. 1926 AI, 27 AI, AE (2), 28 AI, AE, 29 AI, AE, 30 AI, AE, 31 AI, AE, 32 AI, 33 AI, AE. 12 With ribbon 39mm by J Pinches, Eimer-2004. 1932 & 33 are particularly scarce-rare. Mostly gVF-EF. Gio-CM112a, CM118a, b (2), CM124a, b, CM126a, b, CM128a, b, CM130a, b, CM133.2 (but AI), CM136.2 AE & AL (unlisted) cat U$420-$750. These medals were given to school children. Cost vendor $540+, purchase receipts enclosed.AVAILABLE at A$300

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Magic Coins of Java, Bali & the Malay Peninsula by J Cribb. 1999. 288 pages plus 80 plates. Covers these coin shaped charms from the late 1300s to the 1900s listing 333 types based on 1050 examples. New.AVAILABLE at A$90