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Bayonet: 1848 Pattern Brunswick sword bayonet. Brass handle, cross bar & scabbard fittings. Marks of 'F147' P'456' on scabbard & sword. Release catch works well. No Enfield or date mark, so poss early model. Both blade, handle & scabbard leather need some TLC. Overall GC.SOLD at A$220

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Austria: 1914/18 War Medal, Karl Truppen Cross, Austria/Hungary 1848-1908 Jubilee Franz Joseph medal. Hungary cWWI 10 Year Military Cross. Poland: Order of Polenia Restitua 5th Class, 1939 War Cross, Virtuti Militari Cross 4th Class plus Polish eagle cap badge. (8).SOLD at A$150

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Great Britain: 1805 Boulton's Trafalgar medal in silver (post 1848 issue without rim impression). Restruck in silver after the issue of the Naval General Service Medal in 1848 for Officers or their Descendants. Sl Ek at 9 o'clock. EF. Very scarce (P)AVAILABLE at A$1100

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Great Britain: 1839 QV ¼ Farthing S-3953 aU. 1892 QV ¼d S-3958. 1887 QV Jubilee Head 4/- Arabic 1 S-3923 VF. Plus 1888 ½d, 1848 & 1887 model coins. (6).SOLD at A$100
Great Britain collection in album: ¼d 1826-1946 (131), 1d 1827 corr VG & 1947. ½d 1846-1937 (28), 3d silver (5) brass inc 1939 (6), Groat 1843. 6d 1825-1962 (8). 1/- 1869-1960 (18). 2/- 1901-65 (25), 2/6 1818-1967 (21) plus decimal (17). Album of New Zealand 3d 1933-65 (39) no 35. 6d 1933-65 (56), 1/- 1933-65 (33). 2/- 1933-65 (34). 2/6 1933-63 (6). $1 Cupro-nickel (12) plus other decimal. Duplication. (Lot)SOLD at A$325

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Dominican Republic: 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 Pesos Dominicanos 2012-13. P-183c, 184c, 185, 186 new, 187 new . UNC. (5)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1847 Hand made School Prize medal engraved 'School of Her Majesty's 99 Regiment Sydney Dec 1847' rev engraved 'Second Class Reward of Merit to Samuel Fallick'. AR 46mm. Uncertain pseudo hallmarks probably by Richard Lamb see AG Soc medals by Carlisle pg 64 & 90 for similar style 1847-8 dated medals gVF. The school was provided for children of the soldiers of the 99th regt. Very rare. Nice colonial made medal. (P)SOLD at A$950

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Western Australia Bank, Perth £1 Jan 1844. Unsigned. MVR I. UNC (P)AVAILABLE at A$600
New South Wales, Revenue Branch Colonial Treasury, Sydney receipts for Quit Rent due to the Crown April & May 1842 (2). 1833, 36 Sight Note Derwent Bank (2). Bank of Van Diemens Land to James Kelly Nov 1833 others 1800s (3). Hobart Town Savings Bank passbook 1852-58. Starvation Debenture 'One Long'. Others (3). Plus numerous facsimiles (44). (Lot)SOLD at A$240

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1845 QV Young head Sovereign subdued lustre gEF/UNC. S-3852 cat EF £900, BU £2000. Rare this nice. (P)SOLD at A$1000

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1840 Peter Paul Rubens Bicentennial Monument Erection in Antwerp medal. Hatted bust of Rubens facing left front, rev inscription. AE, 45mm by F Hart. Glossy chocolate aU. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1846 Fergus, Melville (Presbyterian) Church C(anada) W(est) Communion token. Bowman-73, Cr-2246. gVF (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1843 Town of Bourbon-Lance recognises donation of properties by Marquise D'Aligre medal. Fountain of d'Aligre, rev indoor scene. Silvered bronze, 57mm by B.F. aEF, sm ek.NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1422-61 Henry VI First Reign ½ Groat annulet issue. 1422-30. Calais Mint. gF. S-1840. (P)SOLD at A$100

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1844 QV Young head 5/- star stops. S-3882 cat VF £550. Attractively toned gVF. (P)SOLD at A$375

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1847 QV Gothic 5/- VG/F, edge inscription almost worn off. S-3883. (P)SOLD at A$400

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1847 Prince Albert Chancellor of Cambridge University medal. bust of Prince Albert left, rev 7 lined legend. AE, 58mm by GG Adams. Eimer-1417. Cpl tiny rev mks all with considerable underlying lustre. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1849 QV 'Godless' 2/- without ww. Slabbed NGC. AU details (so described because of a hardly visible obv scr. S-3890 cat EF £450, UNC £900. (P)AVAILABLE at A$375

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50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 (2) Pesos Dominicanos 2012-13. P-183c, 184c, 185, 186new, 187new (2). UNC. (6)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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PMG Graded notes: Hong Kong The Chartered Bank $10 1-1-1977, 1-1-1980 P-74c, 77a. Slabbed Gem UNC 66 EPQ & 65 EPQ. Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp $5 1-5-1964, 27-3-1969, 31-10-1973, 31-3-1975. Choice UNC 64, Gem UNC EPQ, 65 EPQ, Superb Gem UNC 67 EPQ (2). P-181c, f. $50 31-10-1973 P-184b. Choice UNC 64. Standard Chartered Bank $50 1-1-1998 P-286c. Slabbed PCGS Gem UNC 65 OPQ. Bank of China $50 1-1-199 P-330e. Slabbed PCGS Gem UNC 66 OPQ. (9)SOLD at A$300
Newspapers: Sydney Gazette & New South Wales Advertiser 7 Oct 1827, 7 Dec 1827. The Sydney Herald 27th Feb, 1st, 18th March 1839. The Sydney Morning Herald 28th Jan, 25th Sep, 24th Nov 1843. The Hobart Town Gazette 26th Jun 1830. All VGC ex Library Archive. Fascinating look at Australia's colonial past. (9)AVAILABLE at A$150

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Isaac I 1057-1059AD AV Histamenon nomisma (4.3g) Constantinople. Christ enthroned facing raising right hand in benediction rev Isaac standing facing wearing crown & military attire holding sword. Sl edge filing at 4 o'clock. gVF. S-1843. Scarce. VF. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Constantine X Ducas AV Histamenon nomisma (scyphate) (4.3g) Constantinople. Christ enthroned facing raising hand & holding book rev Constantine standing facing wearing crown holding labarum & globius cruciger. Old-time scr in field above Christ's head. S-1847. gVF or better. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE