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Unsold lots available for sale at indicated reserve plus 21.45% buyer's commission plus postage & insurance. First | Previous | Next | Last | Index
An attractive array of 40 RSPC Circuit Sheets, with postmarks, postal history covers, stamps, cinderellas etc, plus some pre-1900 British Empire/Europe etc on 40 non-circulated pgs with NSW inc 1856 (6d) Registered imperf 4 margins FU (SG cat £250), 1860s Diadems to 1/- rose, 1883 cover to Paris endorsed per 'SS Iberia' franked QV Sideface 6d violet. Numeral 2050 (RRRR) on cover to Hobart with Clare cds on rev, plus other NSW pmks inc Elsmore & Mallangaree cds. QLD inc QV Large Chalons to 5/-, 1897 QV 2d blue Cracked Electro U, 1900 Boer War Charities 1d & 2d M (thin spots), 1904 cover to Hobart with 2-line REGISTERED/GOLDENGATE cachet & Num 605 (RR) on piece tied to Usher cds (RRRR), plus Num 38 & 438 pmks in red. Also some cds inc Mount Edwards on piece (RRRR). TAS early 1900s Zieher Stamp Card & pre-1913 cds inc Gunns Plains, Hayes & Pipers River. VIC 1856 Woodblock 6d orange UN, thinned, 4 margins, plus pmks inc Numeral 1152 (RR). Bentleigh 1936 cds in violet & T.O. Mincha 1952 cds. WA 1921 KGV 5d Registered envelope Perth to London with reg Label & 1942 Censor Cover to USA with Big Bell pmks. Australia 1911 cover franked all six Australian States ½d green to Bathurst, 1928 KGV 1½d red SM wmk perf 13½x12½ Plate 4 Ash imprint blk of 12, 1931 KGV 5d/4½d Reg envelope uprated to NZ, plus British Empire/Foreign inc WWII Japanese Occupation of Indonesia opts. Another great lot from this magnificent source, realistically priced at $2560.
New South Wales: 1850-1912 selection inc 1851-54 QV Laureate 1d (3 inc 1 on piece), 2d (5 inc plates, shades & wmk/no wmk) & 3d (2 with & w/o wmk). 1856-60 QV Diadem 2d, imperf U. 1860-72 QV Diadem perf to 1/- inc shades. 1861-97 QV Coin 5/-. 1882-85 OS opt QV to 8d inc 5d opt Specimen. 1888-90 OS opt Centenary to 1/-. 1890 OS opt Map 5/-, plus Carrington 20/-, opt Specimen. Also Local Post NSW/Victoria 1860s Murray Steam Ship Co ½d black. Mostly G-VFU, 3 M/UN. Interesting lot. (44). (P)
New South Wales Postal Stationery accumulation with envelopes (15) inc 1890 PTPO 1d Centenial for Australian Joint Bank from Sydney to Goulburn, 1892 PTPO 1d Cert for R B Wallace, Newcastle posted locally, 1894 2d Emu uprated to Victoria & printed or opt OS (12) inc 1d Cert for Education Dept (2). 189d Lettercards U (2) & UN, Postal Cards (15) inc 1½d blue New Year Greeting Pictorial with Sydney harbour on reverse VFU. Other States Stationery (10) inc QLD 3d violet card UN, VIC 3d Registered envelope fresh UN & KEVII ½d green uprated to 1d Used from Melbourne to Broadford. Some foxing as always, G-F/VF UN/U condition. (33)
 SOLD at A$110
New South Wales: Covers & Postal History collection 1914-80 with 760 Covers, Cards or Postal Stationery with emphasis on Postal Services/pmks with 260 diff POs inc Registered Mail 1930s-70s (55) inc red labels for Barham, Braemar, Frederikton, Koorawatha, Kyamba, Rockdale, Whiteman Creek & William Town. Other Registered POs inc Frenchs Forest Soldier Settlement m/s, Richmond Aerodrome, Taren Point & Tuross Heads. Other covers/POs of note inc 1931 1st Airmail to England with Adamstown cds, 1951 Inwards from Israel with Bathurst Camp cds, 1931 FFC to England pmk Lakemba, 1935 KGV Silver Jubilee 2/-, 3d illustrated FDC with Lord Howe Island cds, 1950s-70s Mt Kosciusko group. Norfolk Island 1947-80 (20) inc inwards to NSW. Rozelle violet cds on 1959-68 Registered Mail from Russia, 1941 Sydney Harbour Bridge cds with Pylon Exhib cachet covers (2). Tweed Heads on 1937 NSW Sesqui FDC & Five Dock on 1940 AIF FDC. Other pre-dec FDC (180) with a variety of cds. Decimal FDC (110) to 1980 inc 1970 Expo (2) & Grasslands (4) un-addressed PO envelopes & 1978 Hoxton Park violet cds, plus 35 mixed 'Sydney' Pictorial Commem cancels/covers to SYDPEX 1980 inc QANTAS FFC (9) to 1970 50th Anniv. Also wide range Commercial covers 1914-80 inc 'Paid' & 'Relief' cds, Express Mail, Reg Envelopes & odd ephemera. Finally Vol 6 with Sydney GPO pmks (150) inc Official Mail, Numeral cds & Machine pmks. Registered Mail & scarce FDC. Some minor duplication, a crazy collection in 6 well-filled thick Lighthouse s/book. (900+ covers) (P)
 SOLD at A$1050
Queensland: 1860-1912 Collection on accumulation inc 1860-80 QV Chalon range of wmks, shades & perfs inc 3d wmk star rough perf UN. 1862-67 4d inc shades & 5/- opt SPECIMEN. 1868-74 2d, wmk truncated star horiz strip of 4 M. 1868-78 wmk crown Q to 1/- inc 2d, 3d prs M. 1880 Litho to 20/-. 1882-95 QV Large Chalon to £1 inc wmks. 1879-81 QV to 1/-. 1892-95 QV solid background to 1/-. 1897-1912 4 numerals to 2/-. 1900 Boer War Charity 1d, some perf OS to 1/-. Mostly G-VF M/UN/U. SG cat £3900+ = A$7000+. (380). (P)
Queensland: 1897-1912 QV 1d Vermilion mostly from the later period. Noted a few numerals in the mix (sighted 701, RRR), plus cds inc Blackall, Brisbane TC, Dulacca, Nanango, St George & Turallin. Some sl mixed condition. G-VF U. Sold on behalf of Mary McKillop International Missions. (1500).
 SOLD at A$210
South Australia: 1855-1912 Collection on Seven Seas hingeless pgs. 1855-58 QV to 1/-, imperf. 1858-68 QV to 1/-, rouletted. 1868-1900 QV to 2/-, perf inc 3d on 4d red opt. 1886-96 QV Postage & Revenue to £20 opt SPECIMEN (some flts) , plus to £1, used. 1891 QV Surch set, plus 5d opt OS. 1902-12 QV Long Toms to £1 inc 10/- & £1 thick postage. Generally G-VF M/U, usual mixed in parts. SG cat £1900+ = A$5500+ the Specimens which cat £120,000 as normals. (83). (P)
 SOLD at A$900
South Australia - Postmarks: CDS/Squared circles on cover or card (50) with cds (12) inc Daveyston (RRR), Dutton (RRR), Hummocks (R), Kangaroo Flat (closed 1921) & Rowlands Flat (R). Squared Circles (40) inc Anama (RR), Klemzig (RRR), New Luxemburg (RRR, 2 strikes on 1895 cover front), Penneshaw (Kangaroo Is, RR) & Tungkillo (closed 1981). Some minor duplication, mostly F-VF. (50)
Tasmania - Covers: Tattersalls Mail to Tasmania (42) NSW (10) all Registered inc pre-printed envs (6) pmks inc Numeral 1969, Menindee, Tartna Point & Wellington. S Aust (4) in front to 'Miss Corvan, Holbrook Place Hobart. Victoria (28) with a small range of addresses inc 'Mr MacDonald/Highfield Hall', 'YE Salier/Collins St', 'Bing Maycock/Hairdresser', 'S Coleman/Paternoster Row', 'All Nations Hotel, & 'Tattersall c/o of George Adams'. Also another 23 covers inc NSW Reg Envs (4) sighted Canbelego to Haymarket, stamps pmk Num 2029, mixed Aust/NSW/Tas (2) ½d Green from Melbourne to Birmingham Sept 1913, 1912 from Coffs Harbour NSW to Sydney franked Tasmania ½d Pictorial pr, 6d various ½d Greens on singles 1911 env from Perth to Bathurst, & assorted other mail. Some items with foxing, mostly G-F/VF condition. (65).
 SOLD at A$160
Victoria: 1850-1912 Collection inc 1850-57 QV Halflength 1d & 3d. 1852-54 Queen on Throne 2d & 1856 1d. 1854-55 QV Too Late 6d & Registered 1/-. 1857 QV Halflength 3d, perf. 1857-64 QV Woodblock to 2/-, perf. 1863-73 QV Laureate to 5/- inc 8d orange. 1897 QV Charity set. 1900 Boer War Charity set. 1901-12 QV Postage to 5/-. 1884 Stamp Statute £1 postally used. 1886-96 Stamp Duty to £2 postally U. Mostly G-VF U, mixed in parts. SG cat £2900+ = A$5200+. (162). (P)
Victoria: 1850-1912 collection inc 1850-57 QV Halflength 1d, 2d & 3d, plus 3d horiz pr. 1852-54 Queen on Throne 2d, plus 1856 1d & 1858 6d. 1854 QV Octagonal 1/- imperf. 1854-55 QV Woodblock 2/- imperf. 1863-73 QV Laureate to 5/-. 1886-96 Victoria 1/6 blue. 1901 QV no postage to 5/-. 1901-1912 QV Postage to 5/-. 1897 QV Charity set 1d & 2½d. 1900 Boer War Charity set 1d & 2d. 1884-96 Stamp Duty to £10 inc 15/- & 45/-. Also 3/-, 10/- & 15/- U/CTO. Mostly G-VF U, odd M. SG cat £2600+ = A$4700. (280). (P)
 SOLD at A$550
1852-1912 All States Collections & accumulations inc NSW 1854 QV Laureate 3d. 1856-60 QV Diadem 2d & 5d imperf. 1860 QV Registered (6d). 1860-72 QV Diadem vals to 1/- inc shades. 1861-1997 QV Coin 5/- selection inc shades & perfs. 1871-1902 QV vals to 1/-, plus shades & wmk. 1888-89 Centenary vals to 1/-. 1902-12 Pic vals to 2/6, plus wmks. 1891 Postage Due vals to 6d. Queensland 1860-80 QV Chalon vals to 5/- inc wmks, perfs & shades. 1882-1907 QV Large Chalon vals to £1, plus 2/6 perf OS. 1879-81 QV Sideface to 1/-, plus shades. 1882-90 QV Solid Background vals to 2/-. 1897-1912 QV 4 cnr numerals vals to 2/-. South Australia from 1855 inc Officials Tasmania from 1855 QV Chalon 4d, wmk star. 1857-67 QV Chalone vals to 1/- imperf & 1864-69 QV Chalon to 1/-, perf. 1882 Platypus set to 1/-, postally U. 1870-96 QV Sideface vals to 5/-, plus wmks & perfs. 1899-1912 Pictorial selection to 6d inc wmks & perfs. Victoria 1852-59 Queen on Throne 2d. 1854 QV 1/-, imperf. 1856 Queen on Throne 1d & 1858 6d. 1854-55 QV Woodblock 6d imperf inc shades. 1854-55 QV Registered 1/- & QV 2/- imperf. Range of 1857 QV Emblems inc rouletted. 1863-73 QV Laureate vals to 5/-. 1878 QV Emergency Papers 1d & 2d. 1885 QV Stamps Duty opt to 2/-. Later QV vals to 2/-. 1902-12 QV Postage vals to 5/-. 1890-95 Postage Due vals to 1/- & 1895-1906 ragne to 5/-. Western Australia 1902-12 QV Swan vals to 2/- inc wmks & shades. Mostly G-VF M/U, mixed in parts as expected. SG cat £10,000+ = A$18,000+. (2750).
 SOLD at A$1150
1890s-1970s accumulation in 100 hagners with pre-Federation States (300) mostly QLD, NSW & VIC. Kangaroos (40) to 2/- maroon, KGV (100) to 5d brown, 1930s 2d Commems (600), 1940s-60s Defs, Pics & Commems (many 100s) inc non-letter rate higher value Commems inc 1946 Mitchell 1/- (170). Decimals to end 1980 in varying quantities inc 1970s Paintings to $10, plus an extra 70 used hagners. Also small bundle of FDC inc AAT with 1966 Defs to $1 Mock Sun pmk Wilkes Feb 1967 FDI. (Few 1000)
 SOLD at A$220
Covers & Postmarks with NSW 1882 (May 23) OHMS envelope from Sydney to James Hinton Late Postmaster Gosford, with 'Advertised Unclaimed' cachet applied, then re-addressed to Hinton via Sydney with m/s endorsement 'Not for Hinton No Such Name' & finally returned to Sydney. Early 1900s PPC (52) franked 1d Shield inc Copmanhurst-Strathfield, Obley-Wellington, Redfern-Napier (NZ), Sydney-Brookfield, Tighes Hill-Paddington, plus Stationery Cards (3) inc Laurieton-Port Macquarie. Queensland 1901 Registered Cover from Hungerford to Hobart franked 1d vermilion QV (5) pmk Numeral 365. South Australia 1864 cover from Mount Barker to Bugle Ranges franked QV 2d bright orange roulette tied by Numeral 15 Cancel. 1912 PPC from Woodville to Tumby Bay & redirected to South Hummocks with South Kikerran & Yalunda Flat transit pmks. Late 1890s-early 1900s 'Shierlaw' fronts (32) with a wide range of mostly R rated Squared Circles inc Craddock, Farina, Hog Bay, Hummocks Hill, Lyrup, Petina & Warooka. A decent lot, generally F-VF. (90)
Forgeries: NSW Diadems 5d, 6d grey, 8d & 1/-, plus genuine 8d pale orange wmk 8 clipped perfs 2 sides & 5d green perfs removed. QLD QV Chalon 2d blue. SA QV 9d rouletted. VIC Half-lengths (6 non-Jeffries) with 1d (3), 2d (2) & 3d. (14)
 SOLD at A$100
Postmarks, Postal History, Cinderellas, scarcer stamps, plus pre-WWI British Commonwealth/Europe on 38 RSPC/CCQ sales sheets (marked retail $2800+) with wide variety of the unusual & exotic inc NSW 1850s imperfs, 1860 QV Diadems to 1/-, 1870s QV Coin 5/- perf 10, plus Forgeries (2) & others to 10d inc SPECIMEN opts & 2d Emu on blued paper wmk 'letters' & imperf at left, plus covers & pmks inc Numeral cancels 39 (RR), 431 (RRR), 703 (RR), 1130 (RRR), 1425 (R) & 1581 (5R, poor), plus Cordillera cds on 12d Emu piece. QLD inc odd cds pmk or Registered cover, plus Numeral Cancels inc 468 (RR), 494 (RRR) & 604 (RRR) & some stamps inc 1890s QV ½d green solid background blk of 42. SA inc Reprints to 1/- brown QV, plus pmks inc cds & numerals. TAS inc QV Chalons, 1890s 5/- Tablet opt SPECIMEN & some pmks inc cds for Kettering, Riana, Riana South, plus odd Provisional Reg Label inc Diddleum Plains. VIC pmks inc 1934 Registered cover Cherokee to Cardiff (England) with Red label, 1916 Bendigo Military Camp cds & Numerals to 2004 inc 767 violet ink, 505 (RRR) & 1787 in magenta ink, plus some stamps inc odd Forgery. Commonwealth of Australia inc Lyrebird 1/- opt OS, 6d Kangaroo perf OS (3) & KGV 3d on Parcel Fragment. Kangaroo 2/- maroon Authority imprint & 1927 KGV 1½d pale red perf OS blk of 7 MUH (ACSC cat $280), plus GB 1850s-60s & continental Europe 1850s-60s imperfs inc high cat stamps. Overall great depth & variety from a collector of the odd & curious, realistically priced at $2800.
Postmarks: 1980s-90s cds accumulation on large cut square franked pieces showing full cds. All States represented from Northern Territory to Western Australia. Unchecked as received from Victorian sources, weight 1.25kg, approx 5000 cds.
Postmarks: Numeral Cancels (9) with NSW 85 type 3R36 (RRRR) of Booligal on 2d Sideface, QLD on Kangaroos (4) with 125 (RRR), 258 (2 bold strikes) on ½d green or 2/- brown (unlisted Manning) & 510 worn strike on 1d Kangaroo (RRRRR). 201 Roller Cancel of Rockhampton on 1890 QV 1/-. Tasmania 248 (RRR) & 253 (RRRR) comp strikes on QV 2d green. Victoria 2047 (RRR) double strike on Kangaroo 1d. Also Tasmania 1960s cds for Egg Lagoon (King Island) & Kamona on 1966 CTB pieces. (11 items)
Railway Stamps: QLD accumulation with Locomotives (20) to 1/-, pre-dec numerals (19) to 10/- Townsville, decimal numerals (11) inc Repco Auto Parts, Calen & Karalaka imprints. 1980s-90s Train Ticket accumulation (200) inc Koah to Mareeba, Gympie North to Brisbane, Landsborough to Wooloowin. Victoria Railways 1960s-80s 1st decimals Avoca to Golden Square all diff MUH collection (95) inc Batman, Bonbeach, Chinkapook, Cowwarr, Deniliquin (NSW), Diapur, Fern Hill & Gheringhap, plus Used (36) inc Jordanville, Jewell & Merlynston. 1980s 'Dice on Plate' (15) to $5 VFU, plus S.T.A. $5 blk of 12 cancelled Horsham. Also Newcastle (NSW) 1940s/90s (??) 'Come to Newcastle for Show Week' Pictorial Publicity Labels (62), 4 diff issues in large multiples. (470+ items)
 SOLD at A$150
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