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Note: MUH = MNH = UMM = **,    other abbreviations click here
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Australian States: 1851-1913 accumulation on hagners with all States represented. NSW 1851-52 QV Laureate 1d & 2d. 1860-72 QV Diadem range inc shades. 1860-63 QV Registered 6d (3 perf) range of 1880s-1900s perf OS. Queensland selection of Chalon Stamp Duties 1866-72, vals to 20/-. Also Impressed Duties vals to £80. South Australia 1904-12 QV thick Postage 5/- (2). Tasmania from 1857 QV Chalon vals to 1/-, perf & imperf. 1880 Platypus Postal Fiscals set. 1899-1912 Pic 6d inc blk. Victoria from 1854 inc 1863-73 QV Laureate vals to 5/-. Range of later issues inc blks. Western Australia 1864-1912 Swan ranges inc pmks. Mostly G-VF M/U, usual mixed in parts. SG cat £4000+ = A$7000+. (940)
 SOLD at A$600
1860-1913 M/MUH selection with New South Wales 1860-72 QV Diadem 1/-. 1888-1910 Centenary vals to 1/- inc wmks & shades. 1902-10 Pic vals to 2/6. 1897 QV Coin 5/-. 1897 QV Charity 1/-. 1891 QV Surch set. 1898-99 QV Shield 6d green '1888' monogram LR cnr marg pr. 1905 Commonwealth 9d perf 11., plus Victoria 1885-99 F U selection inc 1d pr, ½d blk of 6 & 6d blk of 6. F-VF Fresh M/MUH. SG cat £2100+ = A$3800+, plus premium for the many MUH stamps. Excellent lot. (116) (P)
 SOLD at A$550
1884-1911 MUH selection inc Victoria 1884-96 Arms Stamp Duty 4/- horiz strip of 3, wmk V/crown (SG w33) sideways, plus 5/- horiz pr, (SG w33). Western Australia 1902-11 QV 2/6 (3-2 MUH & 1 M). Papua 1907 large Papua opt Lakatoi 1/-, horiz wmk. VF fresh MUH. SG cat £1007 for M, should be at least double, £1949 inc the MUH, plus premium for multiples. (6 items) (P)
 SOLD at A$525
1876-1913 Australian States mint selection inc Queensland. 1897-1911 QV 4 cnr Numerals ½d to 2/- South Australia. 1876-1912 QV 1d green, 1d red, 2d orange & 2d violet. 1883-94 QV set ½d to 6d. 1894-1906 QV Kangaroo & Arms 2½d (2 shades) & 5d, plus 1899-1905 GPO ½d. 1902-04 QV Thin Postage vals to 9d. 1904-12 QV Thick Postage 9d (2, both wmks). Western Australia 1898-1907 Swan set to 1/-, wmk Crown A. 1902-12 QV Swan vals to 5/-. F-VF M/MLH, mostly very fresh. SG cat £1000+ = A$1800+. (45)
 SOLD at A$250
New South Wales: 1902-10 Officials perf OS or OS NSW inc 1902-03 QV Pic to 2/6, plus shades & prs. 1905-10 QV ½d strip of 3, perf OS, plus Shield 1d blk of 4 M & QV 2d (2 vert prs). 1905-10 to 2/6 inc QV 6d vert pr M. Mostly F-VF M/U. ACSC cat $900+. (42)
New South Wales: Postmarks on card or cover collection (18) with 1908 Numeral 1 machine cancels with Jan & Feb dates & Numeral 2 machine cancels (3) with Jun, Oct & Dec dates. 1914 Bourke St Melbourne PPC franked KGV 1d red pmk 'Sydney 21 July 1914' being an extremely early date (FDI was 17 July!). 4 other KGV 1d reds on card or cover inc 'TPO 2 North West/UP SE 15/NSW' cds. 1921 KGV 2d orange octagonal envelope uprated with Kangaroo 3d olive with Sydney Registration label at LL (ACSC cat $150). 1932 Bridge Celebrations covers (4). 1940 from Parliament House Canberra to Consul-General for Romania, Newcastle. 1963 Navigator 4/- with 'Relief/95' cds. 1890s 1d Shield Wrapper with 'NSW' Killer Cancel, plus 11 pre 1910 PPC inc stunning view of 'Darling Street, Balmain'. Mostly F-VF condition. (29 items)
New South Wales pmks on covers, mostly 1930s-70s sorted by cds, inc Bobdah, French Park (1965 cds type 3E, not listed by H&T), Gundy, Jerrawa, Kenebri, Minore, Osborne, Scarborough, Seaforth North, Sydney Harbour Bridge (1940), Sydney Posted Shipside, Tantangara (P O 1958-61, Snowy Mtns Scheme), range of rubber types inc 1939 Post Office/Griffith, 1949 Divisional Engineer Armidale, etc. (65)
 SOLD at A$300
New South Wales: Govt Tramways 1940s Packet Stamp 6d/4d blue on various types of Sydney Morning Herald advertising copy covers, most with variety of Newsagency cachets inc D Ord Potts Point, Woods William St City, Leonard Crows Nest (dated 1949), Prendergast Newtown & Bowman Charing Cross Waverly. Mostly G-VF. (9)
Victoria: 1854-1900 collection (140) on leaves inc 1854 Woodblock 6d imperf. 1857 Emblems (7) to 4d inc 2d pr. 1860 Beaded Ovals (4) to 6d black. 1863-74 Laureates to 5/- blue & red. 1870s-80s QV to 2/- blue/green. 1880s-90s Stamp Duties to 2/6 yellow inc 1884 opts 3d, 1/-, 2/-. G-F U & 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d VF CTO. Then Lighthouse s/book with NSW (150) inc Revenues QLD (90), TAS (30), WA (30) & more VIC (40), total 480 G-F U State stamps, plus another 120 1970s Aust Territory Pics. (600)
 SOLD at A$200
Victoria: 1901-13 perf OS collection of both wmk V/Crown & crown A issues inc 9d M, 1/- M & U, plus shades, 2/- U & 5/- (2 M). Mostly G-VF M/U. ACSC cat $650+. (26) (P)
Victoria pmks on covers. Extensive part-collection, most from about 1930-2010 with a few earlier, commercial & philatelic covers, strength in later period, mostly letters Ce-Mi, Oa-Ox, RAAF-Rye, Ta-Wi, inc FDCs, FDI cancels, commem cancels, a few machine cancels, a few Paid, illustrated, reliefs, registered, many open/closing day covers, etc, some dupes, no great rarities seen but noted Corio North, Cowleys Ck, Crimea, Dookie Ag College (4), Drik Drik (3), Elizabeth St Stamp Kiosk 1 (4 R), Glenluce, Gre Gre North, Hawksburn SE2, Karawinna, Kooyong, Logan (2), Magpie (2), Nilma, fair 1940s oval Red Hill/Post Office, etc, also a very few pieces inc CIC Benalla (4R), CIC Mildura, Commerce House (2), poor to very fine, likely some rarities among the modern rubber types, (2000)
Victoria: Covers 1856 to Melbourne franked QV Emblems 2d violet cancelled Numeral 93 with Cathcart date stamp on reverse. 1860 to Chief Commissioner of Police, Melbourne. From Ararat, contents refer to 'claim for reward for recovering a stolen horse' franked QV 4d beaded oval pmk Numeral 93. 1857 folded letter to Public Lands Office with 'Tender for the erection of Portable Post Office at Cathcart' franked 1857 QV Emblems 4d roulette pmk Numeral 93. 1858 'OPEN' letter (no postal markings) to the Post Master General from Ararat merchants petitioning for improvements & upgrades to the local Post Office. (8)
Victoria - Postcards: 1876-1901 inc 1889 overseas 2d & 3d, UPU opts, double reply & some printed reverses on the used. VF fresh UN/U. Stieg cat US$500 & retail now higher. Unusually nice. (28).
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