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Aircraft Instruments WWII & Later: RAAF Artificial Horizon Indicator with unserviceable equipment tag dated 23-8-61. General Electrics Indicator Wheels & Flaps position. RAAF/Kent Kontak inner/outer fuel gauge. Smiths Desynn Indicator for Dive Break & Flaps. British Patent No3 Tank gallons fuel gauge. Nalder Bros & Thompson Ltd PRM new luminous indicator. Nice lot. (6)
Italy: 1939-45 Italian-SS. Bustina. Mustard-green/khaki wool with red piping to body sides & red tasselled 'dropper' to front. Large embroidered (white lined with red & with black highlighting) Italian-SS emblem stitched to side. Traditional top-flap buttoned down by brown painted wood buttons. Lined in green cotton with maker/issue stamp: 'E.C.I Vestuario. Orden 1943. Teller - M - E. 78 Talla 3'. A small size, excellent condition surprising for this small, short lived unit..
Machete: Legitimus Collins & Co No 1250 Bolo Machete is clearly marked on one ricasso with the manufacturer's trademark (crowned arms gripping hammer), name, type mark & date of production. Legitimus Collins & Co Made in USA No 1250. This stamp indicates that it was manufactured in the USA in 1940 to a Canadian Pattern. This example is fitted with twin Bakelite grips which are in GC. The steel blade is in good original condition with a patina consistent with age & use (grease on blade). This machete is correctly equipped with its original Canadian manufactured leather sheath in very good original condition. The sheath does display evidence of use & is stamped on the rear face of the belt use with the manufacturer's name & date of manufacture, H&C Co Ltd 1941.
 SOLD at A$100
Japan: WW2 Showa period Imperial Japanese Army officer's shin gunto sword. Clean steel blade, most likely an arsenal made blade with two faint characters on the tang. Standard Showa army brass kashiwa, Sepoa, Habaki and tsuba fittings. Original binding to the hilt with some loss of the same towards the tsuba end of the hilt. Brass standard army chrysanthemum Menuki. Brown leather covered wooden saya (scabbard, missing scabbard release), this with overall wear and scuffing. Overall a good average example of the standard army officer sword. (P)
 SOLD at A$950
Japan: WW2 Showa period Imperial Japanese Army NCO's shin gunto sword. Clean steel arsenal made blade now with applied layer of grease. All aluminium hilt with approx 20% of the original paint remaining. Brass army pattern tsuba. Comes with its matching numbered all steel scabbard, this with approx 80% of its olive green painted finish remaining. Matching numbers to sword blade and scabbard. Blade in GC, some surface rust to scabbard due to loss of paint. Overall a good average example of the standard army NCO sword.
 SOLD at A$600
Japan 1944-45 Imperial Army Enlisted/NCO field cap made from 'Emergency Material' - cloth manufactured from cane fibres, oilskin sweat band. Gilt aluminium star to front. Complete & seen very little wear. VGC.
Japan: WWII Type 30 Araska bayonet (type C). Tokyo Arsenal. Wooden grips bit worn, scabbard traces of white paint, surface rust, blade heavily greased. Overall GC.
 SOLD at A$230
Siam: Type 62 'Smiling Tiger' bayonet. Comes with a fitted Australian-made 'Mangrovite 43' marked leather scabbard & blackened pattern 37 web frog. The type 62 is a re-badged British Pattern 1907 bayonet. Siam purchased 10,000 SMLE rifles & Pattern 1907 bayonets from British in 1919 to equip the 'Wild Tiger Corps' royal bodyguard of Vajiravudh King Rama VI (1910-25). The tiger figural on the ricasso is representative of the Wild Tiger Corps. Grip screws bit rusty o/w GC.
USA: WWII 1942 M1 Bayonet by Oneida Ltd & M3 scabbard. Shortened to a 10' spear point. Light pitting to pommel & guard o/w GC.
 SOLD at A$80
USA WWII USAAF enlisted ranks B-2 winter fur flying cap. The outer leather is reversed sheepskin while the interior is fleece lined. Fold-up flaps around the sides & back, some overall damage & tears. Australia B-type leather flying helmet. WWII-style dark brown leather with white chamois lining. No maker or size marks, near new condition. WWII Army issue dust/sand goggles. Folding metal tear-drop frames with clear glass lenses, grey wool surrounds & elastic head straps. Great Britain WWII Armoured Corp vehicle operators wind & dust goggles. Metal tear-drop frames with brown leather padded surrounds, orange/brown tinted glass lenses. Complete with original issue hard shell card storage box. (4 items)
USA Late ca WWII M1 combat helmet. A good example of the late war pattern introduced in 1944. The metal front seam swivel bale shell with all original olive drab painted grit finish & complete with green web chin strap. Original fibre liner again with ca 1944 pattern green web liner suspension webbing & brown leather sweatband, complete with leather chin strap. This pattern was used late in WWII & into the Korean War.
 SOLD at A$150
Small Box with USA Purple Heart UNC. Great Britain WWII cloth insignia inc Home Guard title, AFS chest patch, ARP arm band, Fire Guard armband, RAF Engineers ½ wing. Metal AFS hat badge, WVS Civil Defence badge. Netherlands c1928-51 Medal for Long, Honourable & Faithful Service in the Dutch Royal Navy (without ribbon). Russia WWII Commemorative medals (3). Enamel badges from GB & Australia (6). Victorian Agricultural Society Show badges (6). Plus a few misc coins, medallions & badges. (lot)
 SOLD at A$150
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