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Australia: 1885 City of Sydney, NSW Soudan Contingent Return Fob. 28mm silver by Evan Jones. Known as the Lord Mayor's Medal & presented to all Sudan Contingent members by the citizens of Sydney. This one being to an artillery recipient, has had a field gun engraved in the centre of the reverse. The loop suspension tab has been removed 4 bracket mount has been added to the obverse. C-1885/10. Toned VF. Very scarce. Ex Dave Allen collection. (P)
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Australia: 1914-18 Military Medal to a 28th Bn (Western Australia) Stretcher Bearer for 2nd Bullecourt. MM,GVR, impressed officially '5346 PTE. P. DRIZZIE, 28/AUST. INF.'. Peter Drizzie, resident North Perth, WA, enl 21/2/1916, 14th Reo's to 28 Bn to France from UK 4/2/1917, charged on the same day his MM was announced!) for being in an 'estaminet' after hours. Admitted to hospital suffering 'trench fever' & general debility 21/8/1917, ret to Aust & disch Perth, med unfit due to overage (he was 45) 22/1/1918. Awarded MM (per recommendation dated 12/5/1917) Lond. Gaz 9/7/1917 & Comm. Gaz 8/11/1917, No.189 : 'Stretcher bearer during the attacks on the Hindenburg Line, East of Bullecourt on the 3rd May 1917. This man showed wonderful bravery and devotion to duty. He worked all day without ceasing carrying wounded through heavy machine gun and shell fire. After the battalion was withdrawn he remained back at his own request and carried on until exhausted. He showed absolute disregard for personal safety.' On original ribbon, gVF. With copies of archive file. Entitled to BWM & Victory medals. (P)
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Australia: 1914-18 Military Medal & WWI Trio. Military medal impressed '3030 PTE-L. CPL- G McI CAMPBELL 55 AUST INF'. 1914/15 Star impressed '3030 PTE G McI CAMPBELL 3 BN AIF'. War Medal & Victory impressed '3030 CPL G McI CAMPBELL 3 BN AIF'. George McIntyre Campbell enlisted 1 Aug 1915, RTA 28/2/19. With dog tags. Medals EF, tags F. For conspicuous gallantry & devotion to duty during an attack on the Hindenburg Line N of Bellicourt on 30th Sep 1916. During the first stages of the attack this brave NCO showed utter disregard of danger in spite of heavy fire from both flanks which was causing numerous casualties. He advanced quickly and by his determined & resolute manner inspired so many of his comrades in the immediate vicinity that they followed him to the final assault, a number of the enemy were killed and the remainder put to flight. During a strong counter attack which was launched by the enemy later, he so controlled & directed fire that none of the enemy reached the trench in his vicinity. During the whole of the operations, by his quick decision, sound judgement and by his good leadership he contributed largely to the success of the attack. [LG 14/5/1914 pg 6056]. (P)
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Australia: 1914-18 Military Medal & WWI trio with MID. Military Medal impressed '194 SAPR G DAVIDSON 1/DS COY AUST E'. 1914/15 Star impressed '194 Pte G DAVIDSON 1.D. SIG COY AIF'. War Medal & Victory medal impressed '963 CPL G DAVIDSON 1 D(IV) SIG COY AIR'. George Davidson enlisted 6 Jan 1915. Military Medal awarded for 4 Oct 1917 at Remus Wood east of Ypres on the Passchendaele Gheluvelt Ridge. Sapper Davidson whilst carrying out his duties as Linesman displayed conspicuous gallantry. For the first few hours during the attack he passed many times through heavy enemy barrages and repaired breaks in telephone lines connecting 2 important stations [LG 28/1/1918 pg 1402], mentioned in despatches [LG 11/7/1919 pg 8829]. Served in Gallipoli: Belgium, France. WIA. Nice double Gallantry group. (P)
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Australia 24 Battalion Gallipoli WWI/WWII group of 5. WWI Trio 1914/15 Star impressed '329 PTE JD JONES 24 BN AIF', WM & Victory impressed '329 CPL JD JONES 24 BN AIF'. WWII pr impressed 'N215815 JD JONES'. John Dyson Jones enlisted 10 Mar 1915, served in Gallipoli, RTA Nov 1919. WWII enlisted Feb 1942 11 Garrison BTN disch Dec 1943.
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Australia: WWI Trio. 1914/15 Star impressed '518 SJT JL BEATON 2/ASC AIF'. WAR Medal & Victory impressed '518 SJT JL BEATON 1 DIV TRN AIF'. James Lidjiot Beaton enlisted 17 Aug 1914, disch 23 Jan 1919. With return from active Service badge. May have served at Gallipoli. Noted free to join MEF Gallipoli on his file.
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Australia: WWI 6th Light Horse Trio. Impressed 1914/15 Star '1234 Pte F Peters 6/LH RGT AIF', WM & Victory '1234 Pte F Peters 6/LHR AIF'. Francis Peters enlisted June 1915, disch 23/3/17. Comes with photo in uniform, silver wound badge & return badge. (P)
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Australia: DSM WWII group of 6 to Royal Australian Navy. Distinguished Service Medal KGVI, chisel engraved ' AB R PEET PM 5223', 1939/45 & Pacific Stars impressed as issued, War Medal & ASM impressed 'PM5223 R PEET' & Philippines Liberation medal unnamed. Robert Peet enlisted 21 Oct 1942, disch 24 Jan 1946. DSM was awarded for action aboard the cruiser Australia (11) in Jan 1945 in Lingayen Gulf which was hit by a Japanese kamikaze aircraft. Despite half of his crew being killed or disabled by the hit, he joined a scratch crew & continued to direct the weapon at a second kamikaze before it too crashed into the mounting, leaving him badly wounded. [LG May 1 1941 pg 2298]. (P)
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Australia: 1939-45 group of 4 to POW in Greece. 1939/45 Star, Defence Medal, War Medal & Australian Service Medal officially impressed 'NX 18793 JD BIBBY'. James Douglas Bibby enlisted May 1940 in Medical Corp. MIA near Athens May 1941, reported POW by International Red Cross June 1941, reported Stalag 20A Poland Dec 1941. Disch 2 Sep 1944. With service details.
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Great Britain & the Commonwealth inc Australia 2020 Medal Year book Price Guide & handbook. Sl cnr bend. Hardcover, 696pgs. New published by Token publishing. The standard reference.
Great Britain: 1914-18 Memorial (Death) Plaque to 'THOMAS VANGELO ISDEN'. 76992 Gunner T V Isden, 34th Brigade, Ammunition Column, Royal Field Artillery. Died 26.04.1915, buried Guard's Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy (near Bethune & La Bassez, Pas de Calais). Verdigris spots o/w gVF. With CWGC printout.
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Great Britain: ND (1908-14) The Empire Day Challenge Cup medal. Trophy cup rev. Medieval warrior standing on left, nineteenth century soldier on right. AR, 48mm by Elkington. EF.
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Great Britain: 1914-18 Military Medal to Royal Railway Co Engineers. MM impressed '151167 SAPR J JOSPEPHS 268/RLY:COY RE'.
Great Britain: 1914-18 Military Medal & trio to Royal Field Artillery. MM GVR official impressed '2760 BMBR G VARNS B.58/BDE RFA' 1914-15 Star official impressed '2760 GNR GA VARNS RFA'. British War Medal & Victory official impressed '2760 CPL G.A. VARNS RA'. WIA 21 Sep 1917. MM gazetted 21 Aug 1917 pg 30243.
Great Britain: WWI Military Medal, Croix de Guerre & Trio to Royal Artillery. MM impressed 'L-10117 GNR T WALLACE H.Q. 149/BDE RFA' 14/15 Star impressed 'L-10117 GNR T WALLACE RFA'. WM & Victory impressed '10117 A CPL T WALLACE RA'. Plus French WWI Croix de Guerre unnamed as issued. Thomas Wallace enlisted 16 Mar 1915 in Manchester. Comes with 1915 'The Small-Book' this in battered condition. Medals VF-gVF. (P)
Great Britain: WWI Trio. 1914 Star Mon's clasp impressed '9936 PTE PMC HOMER RAMC' WM & Victory medal impressed 'LIEUT POC HOMER' Naming looks correct but file marks suggest medal may have been renamed BMW bend to suspension bar. Old silk ribbons.
 SOLD at A$170
Great Britain: 1914-18 Memorial (Death) Plaque to American born Middlesex Regiment Private. Named officially: 'JOB SMITH' (a unique name on CWGC site). G/3992 Private Job Smith, 13 Bn Middlesex Regt, died aged 37 6/4/17. No known grave, commem on Arras memorial. Son of James & Sarah Smith of Whitensville, Mass USA, but married & resident at Bury UK on enlistment. gVF (P)
Great Britain: 1935 George V & Queen Mary Jubilee medal. 1937 George VI & Queen Elizabeth Coronation medal. MYB 313, 314. (2)
Great Britain: Efficiency Medal QEII Territorial suspender with additional 6 Year service bar officially impressed '22536046 BDR N.R. THOMAS RA'
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Great Britain: QSA clasps Relief of Kimberley, Paardeberg, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, KSA clasp 1901, 1902, 1914/15 Star, War Medal & Victory medal group of 5 miniature medals. Mounted on bar. 1st , 2nd, 4th silver, the last swivels.
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Great Britain: QSA, 1914/15 Star, War Medal, Victory Medal & Belgian Croix de Guerre group of 5 miniature medals. 1st & 3rd silver.
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Great Britain: Victoria Cross, Distinguished Conduct Medal, Military medal & WWI Trio group of 6 miniature medals as awarded to Jack Williams Sth Wales Borders (part of 38th Welsh Division) & most decorated Welsh NCO of all time. And Richard Charles Travis, 7th Southland Rifles (Otago Mtd Rifles) NZEF. Travis's VC was awarded posthumously.
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Great Britain: 1939/45 Star, Atlantic Star, Pacific Star clasp Burma & War medal group of 5 miniature medals. Mounted on bar.
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Thailand: Most Noble Order of the Crown Commander's neck badge in silver gilt & enamels. 55mm. Maker marked & cased.
 SOLD at A$80
World Police Medals by Roger campion. Definitive handbook listing & depicting Police Gallantry, Long Service & Commem medals. Excellent ref book. 2002, 390pgs. New.
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