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Australia: 1885 City of Sydney, NSW Soudan Contingent Return Fob. 28mm silver by Evan Jones. Known as the Lord Mayor's Medal & presented to all Sudan Contingent members by the citizens of Sydney. This one being to an artillery recipient, has had a field gun engraved in the centre of the reverse. The loop suspension tab has been removed 4 bracket mount has been added to the obverse. C-1885/10. Toned VF. Very scarce. Ex Dave Allen collection. (P)
1914-18. Australia: Military Medal to a 28th Bn (Western Australia) Stretcher Bearer for 2nd Bullecourt. MM,GVR, impressed officially '5346 PTE. P. DRIZZIE, 28/AUST. INF.'. Peter Drizzie, resident North Perth, WA, enl 21/2/1916, 14th Reo's to 28 Bn to France from UK 4/2/1917, charged on the same day his MM was announced!) for being in an 'estaminet' after hours. Admitted to hospital suffering 'trench fever' & general debility 21/8/1917, ret to Aust & disch Perth, med unfit due to overage (he was 45) 22/1/1918. Awarded MM (per recommendation dated 12/5/1917) Lond. Gaz 9/7/1917 & Comm. Gaz 8/11/1917, No.189 : 'Stretcher bearer during the attacks on the Hindenburg Line, East of Bullecourt on the 3rd May 1917. This man showed wonderful bravery and devotion to duty. He worked all day without ceasing carrying wounded through heavy machine gun and shell fire. After the battalion was withdrawn he remained back at his own request and carried on until exhausted. He showed absolute disregard for personal safety.' On original ribbon, gVF. With copies of archive file. Entitled to BWM & Victory medals (P)
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Australia: 1914-18 Distinguished Conduct Medal to Wounded in Action, 13th Bn Lewis Gunner, DCM. GVR, impressed officially: '3930 L.CPL. C. FINCH, 13/AUST. INF.' Charles Finch, born Youghal, Co. Cork, Ireland, enl Sydney 31/12/1916 aged 44 years and 5 mths, to UK with 1st PNR, BN, to 13 BN. AIF 17/Sep 1917, WIA (GS. left thumb), DCM recommended for action 8/8/1918, returned to Aust July 1919, died 5/9/1935. A Lewis-gunner with the 13th Bn, real fighting citation & who on the 8th August 1918, fought alongside Gerald Sexton, (real name Maurice Buckley & would later in the war win a VC as a Lewis Gunner). Both men were awarded the DCM on this day as Lewis-gunners with 13th Bn. In the unit history of the 13th Bn, 'The Fighting Thirteenth' Finch is mentioned on page 151 describing the battle of Hamel, 'In all of this great advance into the unknown, from the time we crossed the Green Line, our scouts & Lewis-gunners were naturally the first to come onto the enemy or under their fire, & without exception, they were wonderful, over and over again rushing posts, or drawing enemy fire while their mates did so. The Lewis-gunners generally fired from their hips as they rushed ahead in order to get better shots at runaway bodies of enemy, or at machine-guns holding up any part of the advance. Corporal Gerald Sexton (real name Maurice Buckley, who later won the V.C.) saved many lives by the almost incredible, even uncanny, promptness and skill with which he used his Lewis-gun, quickly silencing enemy opposition on four occasions. While advancing through crops south of Morcourt a hidden gun fired into the Bn and caused several casualties. Sexton stood up in full view of the enemy, calmly noted the position of the gun from the flashes & still standing, fired a magazine at the flashes and put the gun out of action. He received his DCM for the day's work. Pte. C. Finch vied with Sexton in this Lewis-gun work. Recommendation for DCM 'During the advance near MORCOURT east of CORBIE on the 8th August 1918, Pte Finch was No,. 2 of a Lewis gun crew of one of the leading companies. Early in the action the whole of the crew except Private Finch became casualties. Finch then took charge of the gun & carried it and the spare parts bag, in addition to this panniers, right to the final objective. On more than one occasion during the advance he brought his gun into action most effectively, and when assisting to cover the consolidation, he continued to use his gun in a most aggressive manner. Observing an enemy machine gun in action on his flank he promptly engaged it. The enemy gunners immediately took cover but moving their gun to a better position, again opened fire upon our men digging in. Finch then, without regard to his own danger, rushed the gun killed two of the crew with a bomb, and took the remaining five prisoners, these & the gun; he brought to our lines single handed. Private Finch's great courage & fighting qualities cannot be too highly recommended.' Official citation states: 'For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. At the commencement of the attack he was No.2 of a Lewis gun section. Early in the advance the whole crew except this man became casualties. He took charge of the gun and carried it and the spare parts, in addition to his panniers, to the final objective, several times bringing it into action with great effect, and covering the consolidation by this fire. Finally he rushed out & bombed a machine gun killing two and capturing five of the crew, bringing them and the gun back with him single handed.' gVF. Scarce DCM, to the 'Fighting 13th' with a VC connection. (P)
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Australia: 1911 Senior Cadets Brigade Competitions Champion Team Prize Medal engraved officially: '1911-12 Cadet G. DAVIS. 28th BATT'N' in a modern, fitted custom leatherette covered case with titled plaque to lid. Ribbon a custom-made replacement. The 28th Battalion, Senior Cadets was Sydney based with 'A' company at Redfern & 'B' company at Darlington. EF. Rare. (P)
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Australia: c1918 Australian Comforts Fund SA Division medal. Soldier holding rifle rev 'Battle Honours' in wreath edge inscribed as above. Bronze, 52mm by Stokes & Sons C-2N/1. (P)
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Australia: 1977 Granville Train Disaster Outstanding Service medal. edge engraved 'David Andrew Bloom' Bronze, 57mm by Amor aU. Awarded to 300 members of state services inc Police, Fire, SES & Ambulance. See Australian Awarded pg 613. (P)
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Australia: 2001 50th Anniversary of National Service Medal 1951-72 Pantographed officially: 'SPECIMEN'. EF. Specimens are Rare. In original case of issue
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Belgium 1914-18 Volunteers medal, 1914 Adolphe Max Dourgmestre de Bruxelles medal, 1914 Yser medal. France 1916 Verdun Heroes medal, 1914-18 Volunteer's Cross, WWII Volunteers Service Cross, Russian Red Cross Badge (no pin) USA Air medal & Airforce Good Conduct medal, South Africa WWII Service medal & an Israeli badge (11).
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Great Britain: India General Service medal KGV (2nd type) clasp Afghanistan NWF 1919 impressed to '1637 SEPOY THAKAR SINGH 1/33/PJBS General Service Medal KGVI (3rd type) clasp Palestine impressed to '3127815 FSR J RYAN R.S.FUS' . Japan: Showa Enthronement commemorative medal 1928 commemorating the enthronement of Emperor Hirohito. gVF-gEF. (3).
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Great Britain: 1899-1902 Queen's South Africa medal with 5 clasps name erased (appears unnamed) with evidence of ghost date. Clasps Cape Colony, Driefontein, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill & Wittebergen. 1902 King Edward VII Coronation medal in bronze. (2). (P)
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Great Britain: 1900 Victory South Africa medal 2 soldiers, 1 colonial? & sailor kneeling in front of cannons & flags. Rev Victory flying over battlefield. 32mm, AR. Hallmarked JF (James Fenton, Birmingham) 1899. Similar to BHM 3681. aEF/EF. Rare. (P)
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Great Britain: ND (1908-14) The Empire Day Challenge Cup medal. Trophy cup rev. Medieval warrior standing on left, nineteenth century soldier on right. AR, 48mm by Elkington. EF.
Great Britain: 1914-18 Military Medal & pr to Machine Gun Corps MM. GVR, impressed officially '36053 CPL. J.TURNER, 171/Coy, MGC.'; British War & Victory impressed officially '36053 CPL. J. TURNER, MGC.' John Turner, 171st company, Machine Gun Corps. Awarded MM, vide London Gazette 23/2/1918. EF. With copies of MIC & Gazette file card. (P)
 SOLD at A$800
Great Britain: 1914-18 Military Medal & pr to 12th (Service) Bn, the Royal Scots.^ MM, GVF. Impressed officially: '273219 Pte W. Wightman, 12/R. Scots'. Wightman from Portobello, awarded MM Per LG 17/6/1919. Formed at Edinburgh as part of 'Kitcheners New Armies' Aug 1914, the 12th Bn was attached to 27 Bde, 9th (Scottish) Div. Landed in France 11/5/15. Was stationed at Courtrai, Belgium at the Armistice. 1 x Victoria Cross was awarded to the Bn (Captain H. Reynolds, VC, MC at Frezenberg 20/9/1917) gVF. With copy of Gazette listing (P)
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Great Britain 1914-18 War medals 5261 Pte T Adams KOYLI & A-234584 Pte M J Ellingworth ASC plus 1897 Army Temperance medal, no ribbon, in silver. Also ribbon bar Australia Vietnam & National medals, Vietnam Star with 1960 clasp VF-EF (4 items).
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Great Britain WWI pr War Medal & Victory Medal impressed to '20437 A.CPL. J SMITH HIGH L.I.' with copy of Medal Index card. Another WWI Pair impressed to '58836 PTE W PEARSON M.G.C' (2 pairs).
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Great Britain: 1914-18 Memorial (Death) Plaque to American born Middlesex Regiment Private. Named officially: 'JOB SMITH' (a unique name on CWGC site). G/3992 Private Job Smith, 13 Bn Middlesex Regt, died aged 37 6/4/17. No known grave, commem on Arras memorial. Son of James & Sarah Smith of Whitensville, Mass USA, but married & resident at Bury UK on enlistment. gVF $220
Great Britain: 1914-18 Memorial (Death) Plaque to 'THOMAS VANGELO ISDEN'. 76992 Gunner T V Isden, 34th Brigade, Ammunition Column, Royal Field Artillery. Died 26.04.1915, buried Guard's Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy (near Bethune & La Bassez, Pas de Calais). Verdigris spots o/w gVF. With CWGC printout.
Great Britain: 1939-45 Member of the British Empire & Air Efficiency Award group of 7 to Squadron Leader, 43 $ 124 Squadrons, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. MBE, Type II, Military; 1939-45, Africa (with North Africa 1942-43 clasp), France & Germany Stars; Defence & War Medals; Air Efficiency Award, GviR. First 6 medals unnamed as issued; last engraved officially: 'Sqn. Ldr. C A Jamblin, RAFVR'. Cecil Augustus Jamblin, awarded MBE per LG 17 Mar 1941 for services as Operations Officer, 43 Sqn. Service in 'Operation Torch' 1942. Attached to 124 Sqn, 85 Group, 2 TAF 1944-45 inc 'D-Day' Operations. Air Efficiency Award promulgated (P)
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Great Britain: Efficiency Medal QEII Territorial suspender with additional 6 Year service bar officially impressed '22536046 BDR N.R. THOMAS RA'
Great Britain & the Commonwealth inc Australia 2020 Medal Year book Price Guide & handbook. Sl cnr bend. Hardcover, 696pgs. New published by Token publishing. The standard reference.
Great Britain & the Commonwealth inc Australia 2020 Medal Year book Price Guide & handbook. Hardcover, 696pgs. New, published by Token publishing. The standard reference.
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New Zealand: 1914-18 WWI Return gold fob. WAF engraved in centre rev engraved 'The Great War 1914-18 RFLM W.A. FORD from Papanui District N.Z.' 9ct stamped 8.69g (P)
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World Police Medals by Roger campion. Definitive handbook listing & depicting Police Gallantry, Long Service & Commem medals. Excellent ref book. 2002, 390pgs. New.
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