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1923 setting I opt KGV ½d, 2d, 4d, 6d, 1/-, 1/3 & 2/6, litho opt in shiny ink, horiz se-tenant prs. VF fresh M/MLH. SG 1d, 3c, 5a, 6a, 7a, 8b & 9a cat £473. Rare full set of litho opts. (14) (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1913-78 Collection in Seven Seas illustrated loose leaf album inc Kangaroos (39) with 1st wmk set to 1/-, 2nd wmk to 2/- plus 5/- perf OS, 3rd wmk set of 10 to 5/-, SM to 5/- & CofA set to £1 grey. KGV (56) inc SM wmk perf 14 set to 1/4 & OS opts to 5d. 1931 Kingsford Smith set to 6d brown. 1934 Vic Cent to 1/- (both perfs) & Macarthur to 9d. 1935 ANZAC & KGV SJ sets. 1937 KGV set to £1 plus extra 10/- Robes. 1949 Arms set to £2. Comp pre-dec QEII inc 1964 Navigator set of 8 to £2. Then comprehensive decimals 1966-78 inc high val Pics to $10. A decent above-average F-VF U collection, retail $3500 to end 1965 plus extra for the decimals. (700) (P)AVAILABLE at A$900
Covers: 1980s FDC Investment accumulation (many still in PO glassine bags as purchased) inc Pic sets/singles to $10 Gardens, Commem sets inc higher & se-tenant strips plus M/sheets in quantity. Also the ever present PSE FDI. Approx 3500 covers/envelopes, reserved at a fraction of the horrific original PO costs.SOLD at A$230
Carton inc Great Britain 1953-70 MUH collection in contemporary s/book, 45 assorted commem sets & Decimal Machins 75 diff to 75p. Israel accumulation inc 1959 Dizengoff FDC (35, retail $100+), 2001 Maximum card & FDC both signed by Israel's 1st astronaut (retail $200). Then another 25 assorted FDC, plus album page of 1950s Tab Pictorial sets, est total retail $800. Australia 1970s-90s Pics accumulation (3500) in Chinese s/book. Schaubek Swiss illustrated pages 1850-1970 in thick European binder. British Commonwealth collections in binder & on loose pages, strength in Burma, GB, PNG Pics & Australia. 1983 Commonwealth MUH Collection in limited edition album & blue slipcase. Finally 1930s-60s World collection inc PRC, Australia, Europe & British Commonwealth in well filled 1960s loose leaf album. (many 1000s).SOLD at A$200
Carton inc Canadian Provinces collection on leaves with New Brunswick 1860 Pics 1c Train, 2c QV, 12½c Ship & 17½c Edward, mostly FM SG cat £215 & 1c Train, 5c QV (2) & 10c QV (2), G-FU (£235), Newfoundland 9130) to 1937 KGVI Coronation set of 14 inc 1880s-90s Pics. Nova Scotia (11) inc 1851 3d Arms Imperf (cat £150) & 1860-63 QV (10) to 12½c (cat £220). Prince Edward Island (10) with 1861-70 QV (5) to 9d (£360) & 1870 Decimals (5) to 4c (£130). Canada 1890s-1980s collection (1150) inc QV (70) to 10c, KGV Sidefaces (90) to $1, 1928, 30, 35, 37 & 1942 Pic sets (cat £390) & wide variety of commems. Total cat well over £1800 = A$3500. PNG collection in loose hangers & Springback album inc 1952 Pics to £1 horiz prs, 1963 QEII £1 pr CTO & wide range of other Pre-decimals inc to 10/-. Various Asia/Pacific in 5 small s/books inc NZ 1960 Pic set to £1 m (retail $80). Australian collections (3) in s/books with Kangaroos (60) to 2/-, KGV (120) to 1/4, 1934 Vic Cent sets (4) & Macarthur (3). 1935 ANZAC 1/-, 1936 S.Aust sets (3) & NSW Sesqui to 9d (3). 1940 AIF sets (3) & 1949 Arms to £2. QEII Pre-decimal Pics to 1/- & 100s of Decimals inc high value commem sets & others to $10. Plus Aust Pre-decimal FDC collection (75) inc 1937 NSW Sesqui, 1940s Mitchell, Gloucester, Peace, Newcastle & 1940 AIF (all registered), plus 1955 (2) & 1960 Scout Jamboree pmks. A decent enough carton lot. Inspection advisable. (few 1000)AVAILABLE at A$375

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China: 1897-2000s collection in 2 s/books inc 1897 Imperial Chinese Post to 10c. 1898-1910 Coiling Dragon to 10c. 1909 1st Year to 7c. 1912 Republic opt to $1. 1912 Revolution & Republic Commem to 20c. 1913-33 Junk, Reaper & Hall to $2. Ranges of 1930s-40s SYS issues plus surch. Peoples Republic from 1948 inc 1952 Gymnastics blks of 4 1964 Peonies to 52f. 1963 Landscapes to 30f. 1967 3rd 5yr plan set 1967 Labour Day 8f (4 diff ). 1967 Mao Teacher 8f (2 diff ). 1967 Thoughts 8f (41). 1967-68 Poems 8f 3 inc Huichang (SG cat £225 & Beidahe 8f (£160). 1967 Mao 40th Anniv 4f & 43f. 1968 Mao Anti American 8f. 1968 Mao Youth 8f. Mostly F-VF M/UH/U, with 80%+ being U/CTO. SG cat £3500+ = A$6750+. (1200).SOLD at A$1300
Collection on pgs in 7 binders & 2 cover albums with Aust States (130) inc NSW QV Revenues to £1 & QLD 1880s QV to 2/- brown & Australia 1930s-70s Pics/Commems. China (70) to mid 1950s (cat £80+) plus other Asia inc Mongolia & Japan. Gt Britain QV to QEII to G/FU. Plus general Europe, Sth America & African States Rhodesia FDCs inc 1966 Airways, 1969 Railways, Sth Africa. 1965 ITU & others (cat R1800+A$180), NZ 1940s-70s Health FDC (40) & others. Also GB 1971 Proof coin set. (3500+120+ covers)SOLD at A$180
Foreign countries with Africa (800) mainly former French Dependencies, Burundi, Rwanda & Equatorial Guinea. Asia with Laos (600) & Vietnam (350) with some duplication. Memel, Allenstein, Schleswig & Silesia 1920s Plebiscite collection (250) in KABE s/book. Russia/USSR late 1800s-1980s massive lightly duplicated collection (3800) in two well filled 64 page s/books. Then duplicated European collections with Denmark (2000) 1850s-1980s inc scattered imperfs & early numerals to 100o. Cyprus (360) QV to early 1980s inc 1934 Pic 45p Forest Scene U (3, cat £270), Crete (90) to 1930s, Greece (950) to mid 1970s inc 1860s-80s imperf large & small Hermes heads. Germany Defs (3500) from 1890s Eagles/Germania to 1970s Bundespost Architecture. Monaco (400) 1880s-1970s. Vatican (250) to 1970s. South America (1750) from 1850s imperfs to 1970s Pics with Canal Zone, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay & Venezuela. Duplication throughout, in 10 European expensive 64-pg s/books. Reserved at less than the replacement cost of the albums. (16,500)SOLD at A$450

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France: Revenues collection 1860-1960s on pgs inc Bills of Exchange. 1860 Embossed Eagle 20c & 3Fr. 1864 Napoleon to 10Fr. 1874 Napoleon removed to 3Fr. 1874-80 Arms imperf to 28Fr50 imperf & 1881 to 8Fr perf. 1892-1920 Liberty to 15Fr. 1936 Foreign Affairs 50Fr & 10Fr. Useful Affiches 1872-91. Connaisements 1883 Liberty to 2Fr. Copies 1871 Numeral to 10Fr & 1880 Liberty to 1Fr. Dimensions 1862 Eagle 50c inc printings, 1864-70 Eagle to 3Fr. 1872-75 Numeral to 2Fr. Internal Revenue 1925-60 Liberty to 240Fr. Also noted Quittances, Pharmaceutical, Sales, Municipal & Income tax ranges. Interesting range of document cut-outs inc issues of the 17th & 18th century. Mostly G-VF M/U. Yv cat €2100+ = A$3500+. Interesting collection of seldom seen material.AVAILABLE at A$400

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Germany - West & unified 1973-99 collection in 2 stockbooks. Not in exact order so hard to assess, but appears could be near comp inc long Def sets lots of M/Sheets, some sheetlets -noted 1996 Landscapes 'Kleinbogen' CTO set cat €45 & could be other betters hidden as there is lots of overlap with many out of sight. Some light duplication throughout inc Framas. VF MUH to 1994, then most both MUH & CTO. Est Mi cat €2000+. FV est DM3500 = A$2780. (2100).AVAILABLE at A$300

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Great Britain: Circular Delivery Companies: 1865-68. Good coverage of towns. Aberdeen inc 1867 ¼d & ½d (SG cat £170). Clark & Co 1866 (¼d), Dundee 1867 set ¼d & ½d (£300). Edinburgh & Leith 1865-66 range of colours inc imperf, roulette & perf. 1865 Parcel Stamp 2d & 3d (£295). Glasgow set perf & imperf. Liverpool ¼d perf & imperf, & ½d. London 3 colours perf & imperf, plus blue error vert pr IMPERF horiz. Metropolitan (3). London & Districts part set. National 3 colours. Also 1868 Delivery Company ¼d-1d range of diff towns with cnr letters. Also blks from Edinburgh & Leith, Metropolitan, London & Districts, & National. Reference range of forgeries inc se-tenant strips & blks. All diff inc multiples. Mostly F-VF M/UN, odd flts. SG cat of originals £3500+ = A$6700+, plus forgeries not counted. Useful collection of these classic issues. (320) (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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Hungary: 1867-1980s Collection/accumulation in s/books, binder, pgs & tin. Needs plenty of sorting. 1867 Austria-Hungary Emperor to 25Kr. 1871-73 King set to 25Kr. 1874-80 Envelope to 20K & 1881-98 to 3Ft. 1913 Flood relief to 5K plus Charity opt to 60h. 1916-18 Harvesters & Parliament 10Kr. 1925 Sports Fund set to 2500K (SG cat £110). 1926-27 New Currency Def set to 5p (£225). 1927-30 Air set to 5p. 1931 Zeppelin opt set 1p & 2p (£260). 1930 10th Anniv set 1932 Madonna set to 10p (£110). 1933 Air set to 5p (£425). 1935 Rakoczi set. 1938 900th Anniv set. Good coverage of Inflation issues. 1930-70s M/S. Mostly F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £8500+ = A$16,000+. (3500, 400+ M/S)AVAILABLE at A$850

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Hungary: 1868-1970s Collection/accumulation inc 2 thick binders. 1874-80 Envelope & Numeral to 20f inc shades. Good coverage of 1940s-60s issues inc inflation period. Noted many 1960s issues in MUH blks of 4. BOB inc Postage Dues plus odd Revenue issue. Most F-VF MUH/U. SG cat £3500+ = A$6700+. (6700+)AVAILABLE at A$325

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Indonesia 1984-89 MUH range of sets, M/Sheets in quantities 3 of ea. Inc 1984 Arts & Culture 1984 Forestry. 1986 Scouts 1989 WWF Animals, 1989 Anthropology. M/Sheets inc 1988 Seoul Olympics pr both perf + imperf, 1988 Filacept pr both perf & imperf, 1988 Tourism perf + imperf, 1988 Butterfly perf & imperf, 1988 Expo perf & imperf & others VF fresh SG cat £1800+ = A$3500. (225, 42 M/S).AVAILABLE at A$250

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Malaysia: 1957-2014 Collection in s/book inc 1957 Federation set. 1965 Bird set to $10. 1970 Butterfly set to $10. 1979 Wildlife set to $10. Good coverage of later Commems inc M/S, setenant strips & prs, plus sheetlet. All diff. F-VF M/MUH/U with post 2000 largely VF fresh MUH. SG cat £1850+ = A$3500+. (850 + 6 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$275

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Seychelles QV Postal Card group of 54 with single cards Postally U (8, pencilled prices total £500) inc Local opt 3c/4c rose, uprated with KEVII 2c, 3c to Germany with message dated 21/1/11. Another Local opt 3c/4c w/o message endorsed 'Bookpost' to London. 1895 8c (2) & 6c to Germany (w/o messages) all with red 'LIGNE T/PAQ FR No 4' transit pmks. 1891 8c Brown cancelled 'b64' to Bradford with message headed 'The Parsonage, Seychelles' plus 6c/4c to Germany & 4c rose to Durban opt SPECIMEN (6, £150), cto (2) & un (6), Reply Doubleton Cards (16 prs) inc Postally U to Germany (2 prs w/o messages), opt SPECIMEN (4 prs, retail $230) & UN prs (10) inc Local Post Surcharge opt. Some duplication, mostly F-VF condition, total pencilled prices around £1800 = A$3500. (54)SOLD at A$300

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Australia - Cricket: 1905 'Cricketers in Action' (28) inc V Trumper (NSW), A Cotter (NSW), J Darling (NSW), R Duff (NSW), S Gregory (NSW), C Hill (SA), A Hopkins (NSW), J Kelly (NSW), F Laver (VIC), C McLeod (VIC) & M Noble (NSW). English players (17) inc Lilley, Ironmonger, Haywood & Warner. Variable G-F/VF & quite photogenic. All with 'Milo' backs, Murray 2015 cat £65 ea, total £1820 = A$3500, plus 2 damaged inc 'W Grace' & 3 Poor-Fair condition. An extremely rare assembly. (33)AVAILABLE at A$500

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5d Chestnut JBC monogram single. Superb fresh MLH, excellent centring. SG 8(var). ACSC 16A(2)za cat $3500. Beautiful quality example. (P)SOLD at A$1500

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6d Ultramarine blk of 4. VF fresh MUH. SG 9. ACSC 17A cat $3500. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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£1 Red-brown & blue variety 'short Spencers Gulf'. Superb fresh CTO 'Melbourne AP 15 13' cds, perfect centring. SG 15(var) cat £2500++. ACSC 51B(D)dw cat $3500++. Exceptional quality & rarity as such. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2200

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£1 Red-brown & blue. Postally GU, a little soiled. SG 15 cat £2500. ACSC 51B cat $3500. (P)SOLD at A$625

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3d Olive-green Die I Harrison Imprint blk of 4, Plate 2. Unusually W/C. Upper stamps VF M/MLH, lower pr fresh MUH. ACSC 13K(2)zd cat $3500+. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1600

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9d Red-violet Die IIB, Harrison 2-line imprint, Plate 4 blk of 4. Fresh MUH, small closed tear in lower central gutter. ACSC 27C(4)zb cat $1750 as M, should be at least double, $3500 MUH. (P)AVAILABLE at A$950

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1/- Blue-green Die IIB Mullett imprint blk of 8, Plate 4 blk of 8. VF fresh MUH, mnr stain on 2 perfs of LL stamp (can be removed to have perfect blk of 4). ACSC 33(4)2d cat $1750 as hinged blk of 4, should be at least double, $3500 MUH, plus another $1300 for the other 4 stamps, total $4800. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1400

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£2 Black & rose opt SPECIMEN type C2 (shaved P). F-VF MUH. SG 45s. ACSC 56Axf cat $1250 for M, with a near x3 premium MUH = $3500+. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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2d Red-brown Electro 16 UL cnr blk of 30 (6x5) with ACSC listed varieties inc 'small CRACK through crown top' (pos L1), 'flawed bloom in right wattles' (L2), 'flaw in LVT retouched' (L4, cat $300 as hinged), 'broken lower frame under P of PENCE' (L9) 'dent in left frame off wattles' (l21) & 'broken top to crown' (L28). Rare multiple mostly Fresh MUH, varieties cat $860, should be at least double, $1700, plus another $1800 for the other MUH singles, total ACSC $3500, plus premium for the positional ½ pane of 30.AVAILABLE at A$700

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4d Lemon-yellow CA Monogram single from upper plate. VF fresh MUH, pristine never hinged original gum. ACSC 110C(1)zc est cat $3500+ MUH (as M monogram cat $900 -normal cat $250 for M, & cat $950 MUH). Very rare as genuine MUH. 2006 Dunkerley photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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Ash Imprint blks of 4 set of 8 ½d to 1/4. Mostly VF fresh MUH, 1/4 MUH, 5d Plate 3 MLH/MUH, 4d olive Plate 3, 3d deep blue Plate 7, with 2d, 1½d, 1d, ½d all fresh MUH, total ACSC cat $2400 as M, plus huge premium MUH, so est cat at least $3500+. Extremely difficult assembly in such lovely condition. (8 blks of 4). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1300

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1917-18 KGV 2/- booklet with part contents of 1d red single wmk folded blk of 18, cover very deep red glazed stock with New Hebrides correct 1d rate, red interleaves. Superb fresh with the fragile glazed covers in pristine condition with original contents & staple never opened. ACSC/Pf B12Ba cat $5000 (for incomp booklet), SG SB4 cat £3500+ & greatly undercatalogued as these 2/- booklets are many times rarer than the later 2/3 booklets. 2017 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2200

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1991 Aboriginal Crafts 37c Basket booklet stamp perf 14.8 (normally 15½) x imperf, tied on commercial cover by 'Preston Mail Centre 1991 JUL 8' machine pmk. Some tones. Apparently from 'essay booklets' of which only a few are recorded (cat $2000-$3500). SG 1095(var). ACSC 1245c(var) cat $3000 for this cover in 2002. Cost vendor $1760 in 2002 & the only recorded cover. 2019 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$800

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1851-60 Crown & Flowers 1/- purple. VFU appearance, expertly repaired in margin at left, 4 margins, barred pmk. SG 8 cat £3500. Unitrade 6b cat C$9000/4500. 2019 Scheller photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$1000

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1857-64 Flowers 6d scarlet-vermilion. F-VF U, almost 4 margins, barred pmk. SG 6 cat £4750. Unitrade 6 cat C$7000/3500. Rare classic. 2019 Scheller photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1500

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1851-63 Collection inc 1851-60 Crown & Flowers 3d M (SG cat £3500). 1860-63 QV Pictorial 1c, 2c (2), 5c (2), 12½c & 17c. Also 1860 Connell 5c brown, imperf Proof. Mostly F-VF M/UN, 3d repaired. Unitrade cat C$5680. SG cat £3800 = A$7300+, plus Connell would cat £10,000 as normal. (9) (P)SOLD at A$275

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1933-44 MUH Third Reich Collection of full sets with Frederick set (SG cat £375), Hindenburg mesh wmk set (£1400) & swastika wmk set (£95), 1934 Airmail set (£900), Saar, Nuremberg (2), Hindenburg Memorial & Schiller sets (£634), 1935 Saar (£140), 1940 Winter Relief, 1943 & 1944 Arms Forces Day, plus Swastika Official set. Also booklet panes inc 1936 Olympics (2, £150) & Hitler (6, £145), plus some booklet sheet mixed value prs, strips, gutter blks etc. VF fresh MUH. SG cat £4000+. Mi cat €3500. Unusually nice quality. (112, 17 prs, panes etc) (P)AVAILABLE at A$900

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1913 KGV Seahorses £1 dull blue-green. F-VF fresh MLH. SG 404 cat £3500. Key top value. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1400

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1969 Ships 5d, black colour totally OMITTED, so missing Queen's head, hull of ship, 5d value & inscription! Superb fresh MUH. SG 778a cat £3500. Only 1 sheet of 72 was discovered & one of the most spectacular pre-decimal missing colour errors. 2018 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2500

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1914-15 'GRI 1s' 4mm opt DNG Yacht 1Mk carmine. M, small thin, F-VF appearance. Mi 12I, SG 12 cat £3500. Only 128 printed. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)SOLD at A$1800

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1921-27 KGV Elephant £5 orange & green, top value, wmk script. Superb MLH, excellent centring & nice bright colours. SG 148 cat £3500. Rare top value in excellent condition. (P)SOLD at A$3000