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Note: MUH = MNH = UMM = **,    other abbreviations click here
Unsold lots available for sale at indicated reserve plus 19.25% buyer's commission plus postage & insurance. First | Previous | Next | Last | Index
1966 QEII 3c grey-green specialised variety collection with 41 plated positional multiples on 14 exhibition pgs with Sheet A blks (11) inc 'missing right frame at lower SE cnr' (pos 1/10, 2 diff states), 'weak entry SE cnr' (pos 3/3, 2 diff states), 'blunt SE cnr' (pos 5/10), 're-cut right frame at top' (pos 8/2, 2 diff states). Sheet B blks (15) inc 'retouched UR cnr' (6 diff, all in UL cnr blks of 16, ACSC 438ga/gb). Two UR cnr blks of 15 with 'weakness under Queen's chin' (1/9) & variety 'retouched' (ACSC 438e, ea cat $110), plus 'missing right frame at top' (2/8, 2 diff states). LL cnr blks of 12 (3) with 're-cut TR frame' (3 states, ACSC 438h cat $75). Sheet C blks (9) with LL cnr blk of 12 with 'missing LL cnr' (pos 8/4) & 'UR frame retouched' (pos 10/2), LL cnr blk of 6 with 'missing UR frame' (pos 10/2), LL cnr blks of 4 (4) with 'UR cnrs retouched' (pos 10/2). LR cnr blks of 10 (2) with 'missing LR cnr' & 'right cnr retouched' (pos 6/10). Sheet D blks (6) UL cnr blks of 16 (2) & 8 (2) with 're-cut top frame' varieties (ACSC 438j cat $100) & LL cnr blks of 8 (2) with 2 diff 'weak entries' (pos 9/4). All appear MUH, estimated total ACSC cat $1350 inc many unlisted readily identifiable types.
 SOLD at A$625
1967 QEII 5c Blue Specialised Study on 14 Exhibition pages with paper variations (6) inc cnr blks of 4. Non-helecon paper on 1969 cover plus single MUH with crisp rev off-set, UR cnr blk of 6 with large ink flaw in margin, cnr blks of 4 (5) with marginal lay-out markings. Then constant electro flaws with Sheet A multiples (8) inc lower marginal blks (4, Electros 1-4) with re-cut UL cnr (pos 10/5) ACSC 444d cat $160. Lower marginal blk of 30 with 'void in shading lower frame' & LR cnr blk of 6, similar variety. Sheet D multiples (12) with LL cnr blks of 8, Electros 1-4 with re-cut shading around 5c (pos 9/4) ACSC 444f cat $160. Lower marginal blks of 20 (4) with similar varieties ($200). Another marginal blk of 20 with as above plus 'major retouch left of tiara' (pos 10/3) ACSC 444f cat $160, then LL cnr blk of 8 with both positional 9/4 & 10/3 re-cuts ($120) plus flaws between 5c & tiara before re-cutting (pos 10/3), FU RARE! Not recorded M. Also another 2 marginal blks of 20 with minor ink-stripping in bottom frames. Sheet F blks (8) inc LL cnr blks of 8 with re-cut shading around 5c' (pos 7/1) ACSC cat $120, right cnr multiples (2) & left cnr blks f 4 (2), all with constant plate flaws. All fresh MUH, total cat $1500. Plus unplated comp sheets of 100 (4) inc retouch UR cnr (R1/10, 2 diff), flaw in A of Australia (R7/10). Plus 4th sheet on thinner paper. Delightful specialist collection. All but one sheet fresh MUH ACSC cat $1500 for blks/multiples, plus extra $600+ for the 4 sheets. (766)
 SOLD at A$1100
1967 QEII 5c Blue right marginal double cnr blk of 20 (2x10) on thinner paper with jagged vert pre-printing paper crease affecting column 10, pos 8/10 with illusion of double perfs at right, plus clear Mirror Image of design showing through on reverse. Fresh MUH. Superb exhibition piece! (P)
1967 QEII 5c Blue booklet pane variety collection (5) with 'guillotine guide (vert blue line) UL cnr', 'neat shading UL cnr' (pos 3) ACSC 445d cat $80, 'weak entry over shoulder at right retouched' State I, (pos 4) ACSC445 ea cat $120 & 'similar retouch' (pos 6) on another pane ACSC 445fa cat $120, 're-cut UL cnr (blue cnr re-touch)' (pos 6) ACSC 445g cat $750. 5 Hard to find to extremely rare varieties all in comp panes, fresh MUH. Total ACSC cat $1100+.
 SOLD at A$275
1970 QEII 6c orange blk of 4, variety 'comp off-set of design on reverse'. Fresh MUH. ACSC 446c cat $400. (P)
1970 Cook M/Sheet original, plus private perf, Anpex opt, 1970 Tullamarine opt, & 1977 QEII Jubilee opt. VF MUH. SG MS465/(var). ACSC 528/(var). (5)
 SOLD at A$60
1970 Cook M/Sheet original, then with fake Anpex opt No.2473, fake Anpex opt with dark brown & green obliterating opt done after court case, & 1977 QEII Jubilee opt -the last with red ink 'shadow' at right. VF MUH. SG MS465/(var). ACSC 528/(var). (4)
 SOLD at A$90
1971 QEII 7c magenta highly specialised collection in large folder with 'dry ink' Used (6) & marginal MUH (rare, unlisted in ACSC). 1st Master Plate varieties (50) inc 'cracked electro through Queen's forehead' (2), ACSC 447(1)L cat $500 ea. 'Cracked electro in upper margin' (3 diff) 447(1)g cat $100 ea. 'Missing upper frame at right' (2 identical) -not illustrated/listed -ACSC est cat $1500 ea. 'Weakness across top of stamp' 447(1)I cat $1500. 'Lino-square recut shading across top of stamp' spectacular! 447(1)MC cat $1500. 'Re-cut shading (8 lines) between brow & hair' (scarce) 447(1)eb cat $100. 'Weakness in Queen's hair at back' (6) 447(1)fa cat $300 ea, total $1800. 'Retouched upper frame' (15, var states) 447(1)h, ha, hb, total cat $1800. Then vast range & variety of 2nd master plate flaws with 'Tapp, Occleshaw & Durham' identification Nos inc ACSC listed types with duplication to show consistency. Mostly G-F U. Also selection of positional MUH multiples inc Plate No blks, plus huge number of magnified photos as illustrated in ACSC. Superb research collection in dire need of rehousing. 1st master Plate flaws cat $12,750 with final total beyond belief. (P)
 SOLD at A$2500
1971 QEII 7c Variety 'dry ink' in a bright reddish-lilac shade on Shoalhaven paper. Fresh marginal MUH. Unlisted ACSC. With normal reddish-purple colour for comparison. VF MUH. (P)
 SOLD at A$130
1971 QEII 7c Variety 'dry ink' in a bright reddish-lilac shade UL cnr blk of 4. Fresh MUH. Unlisted in ACSC. The highly sophisticated specialist collection on offer has only a single unplated stamp plus another (6) Used examples. Extremely rare, perhaps unique as a positional blk. With normal reddish-purple shade for comparison. (P)
1971 Floral coil 7c with buff omitted & green misplaced. VF fresh MUH, plus normal to compare. SG 468bbb cat £225, ACSC 535ce cat $300 (in 2002). Copy of 2002 RPSV photo cert for strip of 4. (P)
1973-74 Gemstone 10c Sapphire error ultramarine partly OMITTED on two units of UL cnr blk of 10 (5x2). VF fresh MUH. SG 552(var). ACSC 648cd(var) cat $2500 for a single totally missing colour. Extremely rare with only several blks known. (10) (P)
1973-74 Gemstone 10c Sapphire error 'printed on the gum'. VF fresh MUH. SG 552ae cat £50, ACSC 647ci cat $100.
1975 Flower 18c error 'black omitted', so missing 'Australia 18c'. VF fresh MUH. SG 608a cat £42. ACSC 725c cat $60.
 SOLD at A$40
1977 QEII Silver Jubilee 18c IMPERF, normal paper (no mesh), horiz pr. VF fresh MUH, left marginal with all 4 margins. SG 645(var), ACSC 765b cat $200. (P)
1978 Aviators 18c Hinkler blk of 6, variety misplaced perfs with horiz perfs into design. MUH, sl gum tones, fresh appearance. SG 659(var). ACSC 791bd cat $300 as singles. (P)
1978 Aviators 18c Ulm blk of 4 from lower pane with gutter above, error misplaced perfs. VF fresh MUH. SG 661(var), ACSC 793(var) unlisted as new discovery. (P)
1978 Aviator M/Sheet postal forgery (produced in Holland), plus normal to compare. VF MUH. ACSC 794cd cat $100 in 2001 & undercatalogued. Rare with very few surviving. (P)
 SOLD at A$100
1981 Tasmanian Tiger 24c 1st printing, error missing dark green grass. VF fresh MUH. SG 788(var), ACSC 902(var) unlisted as only discovered in 2004. Normal for comparison. Only 1 sheet known with missing green on part of sheet. (P)
1982 Whale 60c ESSAY with solid water w/o streaks. VF fresh MUH, normal to compare. SG 841a cat £250. ACSC 930E(1) cat $350. (2). (P)
1992 Threatened Species $4.50 3 Koala reprint booklet, error IMPERF. VF fresh MUH. SG 1327qb cat £375 -SB78b(var), Pf B170Cv cat $650. ACSC 1566(2)b cat $700. Only around 12 discovered. (P)
 SOLD at A$300
1992 Threatened Species 45c sheetlet of 5. Error punch-hole at base of sheet. Fresh CTO. ACSC 1567b cat $200+ (P)
1992 Threatened Species 45c sheetlet of 5, error IMPERF, with World Columbian Stamp Expo 92 gold opt. VF fresh MUH. SG 1328pa(var), ACSC 1567cb cat $500. Believed only 48 sold. (P)
1992 Threatened Species $4.50 2 Koala reprint booklet, error IMPERF. VF fresh MUH. SG 1327qb cat £325 -SB78a(var), Pf B170Bv cat $550. ACSC 1566(1)b cat $450. Only around 20 discovered. (P)
1993 Counter Printed Stamps 'Painting with Candlestick' unissued design trials in Black, 1 totally blank, 2 with 'NPC 1' designation & values 45c & $1, both inverted (so in effect inverted centres). VF on original backing paper. Retail $900. (3) (P)
2002 International Post $2.20 Canberra sheet of 40 in unissued format with double stamp size perf gutter between 2 panes of 20. Issued to POs as guillotined sheets of 20 with ½ stamp size margin all round. VF fresh MUH. SG 2221. Only 9 sheets known. (P)
2006 Roses 50c M/Sheet UNCUT horiz strip of 3 with extra row of perfs at base & wide margins on 3 sides with printer's guillotine guidelines (not issued in this format). Fresh CTO
2007 Landmarks - Architecture $4.45 M/sheet IMPERF ½ sheet of 12 M/S from left & right panes with wide marginal markings inc colour bars. Nos 939 & 840 from a limited edition of only 2000 panes (1000 sheets). VF fresh MUH in original PO folders (2). SG MS2847(var).
2008 Aviation $2 Airbus A380 M/sheet of 4 IMPERF printer's ½ sheet of 12 M/S from left pane with uncut wide margins featuring printer's markings & colour bars etc. No.67 of only 750 issued SG 3036(var). VF fresh MUH in original PO folder, retail $600 as 12 imperf M/S.
2009 Stargazing $4.10 M/sheet in uncut IMPERF printer's sheet of 16 M/S with huge margins inc various colour bars, imprints etc. VF fresh MUH. SG MS3269(var). Retail $500+.
2010 Coinage $3.30 M/sheet & 2010 Melbourne Cup $2.40 M/S comp IMPERF printer's sheets divided into left & right panes of 10 or 9 M/S respectively with huge margins & colour bars, imprints etc. No 106 of only 500 comp sets. Fresh MUH in original PO folder, SG 3352 var, retail $2000 as a comp unit. Now getting scarcer as they become split into the 4 individual panes.
2010 Melbourne Cup $2.40 M/Sheet IMPERF printer's ½ sheet of 9 M/S, right pane with uncut wide margins with marginal markings, colour bars etc. No.90 of only 500 issued. SG MS3514(var). VF fresh MUH. Retail $438 as 9 M/S.
 SOLD at A$80
2011 Mythical Creatures $4.20 M/sheet IMPERF printer's ½ sheets of 6 M/S from left & right panes inc 3D impressions at LL cnr of left pane & UR cnr of right pane, plus marginal colour bars etc. Nos 92 (right) & 325 (left) of only 500 panes in total issued. SG 3658(var) with 3D print UNLISTED! Retail $500 as a comp unit in 2 PO folders.
2012 QEII Diamond Jubilee $2.95 M/sheet IMPERF printer's sheet of 35 M/S with large margins & printer's markings inc colour bars & imprint. VF fresh MUH. No 177 of 500 issued. SG 3578(var) retail $525.
2014 Greetings Series 70c Fireworks M/sheet of 4 stamps, unissued format comp printer's IMPERF sheet of 24 M/S with wide margins featuring colour bars & imprint. No 485 of 500 issued. SG 2014 var. Fresh MUH, retail $520 as individual imperf M/S.
2015 Our Solar System 35c Mercury & Mars sheetlet of 10, comp unissued printer's IMPERF sheet of 30 sheetlets with central gutter & wide margins inc printer's colour bars. VF fresh MUH, FV $105. No 119 of only 250 printed. SG 4033/34(var).
 SOLD at A$180
2015 Our Solar System $4.90 M/sheet IMPERF printer's sheet of 15 M/S with wide margins inc colour bars & imprints. No 207 of only 250 issued. SG 4441(var). VF fresh MUH, retail $525 as 15 M/S.
 SOLD at A$180
2016 Adelaide Emergency Print 30c Bounding Kangaroo Counter printed self adhesive. Postally VFU tied on small piece with 70c Red Cross by Adelaide 17 Jan 2016 machine cancel. U much scarcer than mint. (P)
2016 Adelaide Emergency print 30c Kangaroos Counter printed self adhesive. VFU tied to sm piece with 70c Bicycle by 'AMC SA 520 22 JAN' s/l cancel. U much scarcer than mint. (P)
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