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1838 Military Commission Granted to Clayton Samuel Hext Hingston to be Ensign in 3rd West India Regiment from 28 June 1838, signed by (Lord) Normanby. He was Secretary of State for the Colonies from 1839 & he approved the annexation of New Zealand to Britain. Originally purchased in 2012 for £125. Very early Victoriana.
 SOLD at A$120
1899 Boer War Patriotic Porcelain Figure 'A Gentleman in Khaki'. Serial No. difficult to discern, possibly '74'(?). Has a slight backward lean but is comp & undamaged except for his left thumb & rifle missing. Tiny chip to top of bandage. All original hand painted finish to details. Overall VGC. (P)
WWII: Carton lot Special Services Respirator issued to Civilian Services, Firemen, Ambulance, Civil Defence etc Dated Oct 1939. M38 Steel helmet relic example introduced in 1938 & remained throughout the war extensive overall rust. Wartime Web belts 1937 pattern (2), 1944 (1) in jungle green. Selection of Military badges & small arms castings Inc brass kit 'D' ring, WWI hat badges inc Machine gun Corp (3). WWII & post buttons. Royal artillery Lapel Badges (2). WWII RAF Badge. (Lot).
 SOLD at A$100
Badges - Cap: Argyll & Sutherland, Black Watch, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), Gordon Highlanders (3). Scottish Kings Own Borderers (2). Royal Ulster Rifles. Cameron Highlanders of Canada (repaired). General Service Belt buckle, WWI RM (Royal Marines) brass title plus 5 others inc Royal South Aust Regt. 3 badges are sand cast. (18).
 SOLD at A$150
Badges: WWI Silver War Badge. Great Britain with number, B prefix, RN prefix (2) & O prefix. Australia 3 with A prefix attributed & with Neil Smith research to Albert Charles Lance, George SV Davis & Alfred Charles Horsley. New Zealand with NZ prefix (2), India with I prefix. Canada with C prefix. Newfoundland with N prefix. South Africa with SA prefix. gVF-EF. Nice lot. (14) (P)
 SOLD at A$450
Badges - Hat or cap: Gordon Highlanders, Glasgow Highlanders, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), Cameron Highlanders, Scottish Kings Own Borderers (2), Kings Liverpool Regt, Wiltshire Regt, Queens Westminster, Royal Scots, Prince of Wales Vols, The Life Guards Lincolnshire Regt, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire Light Infantry, Royal Ulster Rifles, Auxiliary Territorial Service, Royal Artillery. Plus 6 others. All GC. (24).
 SOLD at A$200
Badges: RFC & RAF cap. Australia RAAF cap, New Zealand RNZAF cap, Canada RCAF cap, South Africa SAAF-SAIM cap, Canadian for Applicant for Enlistment, For Service at the Front, For Honourable Service & General Service. (10)
 SOLD at A$100
Badges: Royal Artillery Assn, Navy Week, For Loyal Service. Australia: War Saving Certificate Volunteer (2), City Bowling Club Sydney 1880-1930 enamelled, Australian 1914 ½d centre removed & a 1910 voided 3d inserted, Kangaroo 1d cut out into V-shape. Others mostly button day badges/appeal badges (13). Hutt River Province Order of the Unicorn Knight breast badge & cap badge. (22)
 SOLD at A$100
Bayonet: 1848 Pattern Brunswick sword bayonet. Brass handle, cross bar & scabbard fittings. Marks of 'F147' P'456' on scabbard & sword. Release catch works well. No Enfield or date mark, so poss early model. Both blade, handle & scabbard leather need some TLC. Overall GC.
 SOLD at A$220
Bayonet: 1852 Pattern Socket bayonet for Martini Henry rifle. Original leather scabbard with brass fittings & rivets. Marks on blade. Overall good condition.
Bayonet: 1852 Pattern Yataghan Artillery sword bayonet, 2nd type. Loa: 714mm blade 579mm. Leather grips, steel scabbard. No markings visible. Fair to good, minor pitting & rust on blade.
 SOLD at A$150
Bayonet: 1859 Volunteer Naval sword/bayonet. Steel blade, brass cross guard & hilt, no scabbard. Knurled black leather grips. Locking lug works. Marks on ricasso '-REEVEC' (maybe Reeves). Also B77. LOA 29.5inches, blade 24.25inches. Overall good condition.
Bayonet: 1859 Volunteer Naval sword/bayonet. No scabbard. Missing nut. Replacement wood grips, 'G606' on brass cross guard. No other markings visible. Some rust & pitting to blade. LOA 29.5 inches, blade 24.25 inches. Overall poor condition.
Bayonet: 1871 Pattern Cutlass bayonet. Nice clean steel blade with war department & inspector stamps. Blackened steel bowl hilt & pressed leather grips. Comes with original leather scabbard with steel fittings. Muzzle ring 18mm for Martini-Henry carbine. Overall VGC.
 SOLD at A$550
Bayonet: 1875 Pattern Henry Rifle Sawback bayonet. German-made blade by Weyersberg, crossguard stamped RA. Straight Sawback blade with steel fittings & original black pressed leather grips. No scabbard.
 SOLD at A$220
Bayonet: 1875 Pattern Sawback sword bayonet. Nice clean Sawback blade with usual government acceptance stamps (blade length 460mm). Black pressed leather grips with some age wear. 18mm muzzling ring to accommodate Martini-Henry rifle. Comes with original black leather scabbard with steel fittings. The leather dry & with some age wear & cracks.
 SOLD at A$300
Bayonet: 1875 Pattern Elcho type sword bayonet. Made for used with Martini Henry rifle. No markings visible apart from '1049' on hilt which has been chromed. Most made by Enfield Wilkinson & Solingen in Germany. Blade on this example narrower. No scabbard. Hardened storage grease (easily removed) has kept blade in good order.
 SOLD at A$150
Bayonet: 1898/05 WWI Sawback 'butcher' bayonet. VC Schilling Suhl stamped on blade. Blade dated 1905. Original wood grip. No scabbard. Heavier wear & some overall pitting.
Bayonet: 1903 Pattern bayonet by Wilkinson. Original wooden grip & comes with 1st pattern scabbard complete with integral leather frog. VGC.
Bayonet: 1903 Pattern bayonet with 12'' blade, no scabbard. Blade in good order. Small amount of surface rust on handle. Lock lug moves freely.
Bayonet: 1907 Pattern WWI hooked quillion bayonet by Chapman. Blued badge dated 1914 & with usual acceptance stampings. Comes with pattern 1907 leather scabbard & on an Australian pattern 1915 leather frog & back of the frog is stamped Australia with a broad arrow. Some overall light pitting spots & would benefit from a clean & oil. Overall good condition. (P)
 SOLD at A$750
Bayonet 1907 Pattern WWI bayonet. Manufactured/dated 2/1916 Enfield Small Arms Factory tear-drop shaped stud. Leather scabbard & timber grips in overall good condition. Remnants of storage grease present.
 SOLD at A$130
Bayonet: 1913 Pattern WWI Bayonet. USA Contact by Winchester. 1916 dated. Has original wood grips & with British contract scabbard with tear drip frog stud. Overall VGC.
Print: Limited Edition, signed 'The Gestapo Hunters' Faithful reproduction of the original painting by artist Michael Steele-Morgan signed by the artists & 9 Mosquito aircrew members that took part in the attack on Gestapo Headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark 31-10-1994 Inc certificate of authenticity & list of signatures. Plus sample print of 'Operation Carthage'.
 SOLD at A$100
Sword: 1853 pattern Cavalry Troopers sword. Steel blade with some age tone, the ricasso marked John Harvey Birmingham. Pressed leather grips intact. Steel 3-bar hilt also with age tone. Comes with all steel scabbard also marked John Harvey & again with matching age tone. Would benefit from a good clean o/w a sound example.
 SOLD at A$375
Sword: Pattern 1908 Calvary Troopers sword. A good example of the pattern issued to Indian Cavalry. Straight steel blade with age tone. Black checkered bakelite grips (a smaller grip to match the generally smaller hands of the cavalry troopers recruited in the sub-continent). The blade marked with broad arrow, maker's mark of Wilkinson Pall Mall. Top edge of the blade marked 'IP 08' & dated '5 19' (May 1919). All steel full bowl guard with remains of painted finish. Comes with its all steel scabbard (no paint remaining & with some age tone). VGC. (P)
Sword: British India 1853 pattern Barodan Native State Indian other ranks cavalry sword by Rodwell & Co. These swords were made by Rodwell for the Barodan Cavalry in the late 1800s who were large & well supplied with modern British weaponry & were engaged in many conflicts as the Empire fought to expand & maintain its territories. The blade is age stained & grease covered. The pressed leather grips are damaged with sections missing. Steel 3-bar hilt heavily toned. The leather scabbard is original & complete with steel fittings. Average condition only.
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